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Not Only is VAERS BS, Now They Deliberately and Obviously Manipulate the 'Facts!

From Jessica Rose. I find some of her stuff either too scientific or too complex to follow, but this is easy to read, understand, and see the obvious lying. It is much, much more than just obfuscation. Some snippets:

  • This week (11.18.22), the first thing I noticed was that the Foreign data set was less than a fraction of the size it was last week (11.11.22): down from 283.51 MB to 96.81 MB.

  • The first thing I noticed is that the myocarditis dose 3 response signal is gone. There is a 49% decrease in the number of myocarditis reports.

  • The second thing I noticed was that 944 spontaneous abortions are missing

  • The third thing I noticed was that the cancer reports, although they maintain a similar age distribution as the previous weeks, as shown in Figure 4, there is a 46% decrease in reports.

Full story here


Cheers, Pat. Of course it was apparent from looking at the early data coming out of the yellow card reporting here in the UK that the sheer level of reported events counted for nothing. I recall that within a few of months of stab roll-out the death count quickly reached circa 11,000, and other events were nearing 1million - - and then the figures seemed to stall and creep up very slowly Yet even with the number of incidents being reported in the UK alone it was screamingly obvious that something was seriously wrong (or just right in the PTB’s reckoning) with the stabs - - as has been noted many times, previous stabs had been pulled on account of far fewer adverse events worldwide. In the BTLs of Rose’s peice there’s something of a discussion about the loss the human survival instinct, as here:

…it does indeed appear as though some entity has been manipulating the human race for so long, that we, in large part, have been mutated so far away from our naturally intended state/trajectory…that it can no longer naturally self correct.

I think there’s something in that - it again reminds me of West Virginia’s remark of yore that ‘something has been done to people’. It’s a sorry pass we have come to when folk seem to be obliging the agenda that seeks their end.


…typo: 1,100