No jabs no food: Sainsbury’s install barriers with QR code to enter the shop

If this rolls out everywhere we’re done for.

Make the response immediate and loud: Boycott Sainburys - pour encourager les autre supermarches. Hit 'em where they fear most.

According to the twitter updates it’s not to do with covid. Is it that ‘smart’ cash-free shop they are trialling in London?
However the QR code entry and card-only payment could perfectly well facilitate a covid vaccine pass.
Probably people should start using only cash not their cards. Also use the manned (and womanned :slightly_smiling_face:) checkouts, or they will just be dwindled further until they are lost completely, taking jobs and rights with them.


Yes, may be what they’d call a Proof Of Concept.

If the vaxxxed want covid-safe places for their crappy lunch break meal deal (crisps, fizzy drink and BLT) this would do the trick, and leave everyone else able to get on with life.

Went in our local Sainsbury’s for the first time in a year back in the summer to be rebuked for violating queueing protocols. (Not standing on floor sticker…)

I reluctantly watched a YouTube version of Tesco’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now xxxmas advert. This features Santa holding up a phone with QR code so that he can safely travel the world distributing largesse.

Insert Venn diagram here:
Set 1 people who believe in Santa
Set 2 people who believe in jab efficacy

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Well, Father Christmas does have to think about his elfin safety…

(I’m so sorry; I’m a tad bored.)


Is the code required from everyone who wants to buy groceries?

Where I live in Canada, proof of vaccination does not apply to essential services including grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, liquor stores, church services, etc. It is required at dine-in restaurants and bars, concert venues, theatres, etc.

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Jackie, in Austria now you can’t even buy food from little shops if you are unjabbed. You can still buy food online, for home delivery, and you can still shop in open air markets, although the markets are now under vaccine passport restrictions.

It’s even worse in Lithuania.

Starving people to death is all for your health, innit.

By the way, whereabouts in Canada are you? I can’t see anyone in Quebec putting up with this crap; likewise, going west, I can’t see anyone in provinces like Alberta putting up with it either.

I bet that you’re in Ontario, a province that’s larger than the planet Jupiter.

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Morning Ev,

However the QR code entry and card-only payment could perfectly well facilitate a covid vaccine pass.

I’d be amazed if the Gics plan isn’t to roll this shite out all over the world.