NHS doctor tells Health Secretary he won't get jabbed

H/t Sir Michael Mouse at The Lifeboat News:


Hi @Twirlip , I noticed at 1min 20 secs in avid jabber the nut stated out of the blue that a person’s immunity from having the bug will wear off as well :
" but at at some point that will wain as well"
1.isn’t he admitting that the already covid infected have immunity.
2. but his non-peer reviewed statement that “at some point that will wain as well” is far less certain than the clear evidence of the jabs being ineffective within 2 months as Dr Stevens points out. The question needs to be asked “when does naturally acquired immunity from prior infection actually wain, if it in fact does?”.
3.The ex Chancellor Savage Jabber should stick to investment banking he clearly knows SFA about this subject! And if he thinks he has the best advisers how does he manage to balance the tens or even hundreds of thousands who have died from covid policies after they have listened to Sage, compared to countries who are spending only peanuts on HCQ and ivermectin and achieving astoundingly better results!
4. If he was at all honest he would admit that turning the NHS into the National Jab Service, which is 99.99% privately controlled, is just the final step before total sale to US Health Insurance / Big Pharma global corpses.



“Avid Jabber”! Grinning all over my face.

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