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New Journal on Propaganda

Participants in the 5-filters Community may have an interest in reading, subscribing to, or pitching in occasional articles to this new journal in propaganda analysis. Authors hit the major issues of today.

Propaganda in Focus > https://propagandainfocus.com

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Looks really interesting - thanks! It would be really great if some 5F folk ended up contributing something!



Yes, indeed. That would be lovely!!


I agree, though it would be even more cool if we could get some of their input here. Tim Haywards article on Propaganda In Academia is very good:

Possibly not by coincidence he has been targeted by some bright young thing/Marianna Spring-a-like:

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Hi @dbroudy, I sent a short couple of questions on their contact form to see whether Udo Ulfkotte and Mattias Desmet were items they intended to cover - these seem to be the main new areas not covered by the Manufacturing Consent filters.
I failed to mention the whole subject of social media and internet control which goes more to the right to be heard than the right to speak - maybe too wide at this stage.

Looks a nice site with authors of substance.


@CJ1 , thanks so much. We had an interesting submission on social media censorship a few days ago, but it needs some editing. We’ll try to get it out soon.
Cheers, d.