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Neil Oliver talks about STs death and our sovereignty


Rest in power ST.


I hadn’t heard of the ST case. It’s another example of lawfare really: the would-be plaintiff is known to be unlikely to live to see the legal process through to it’s conclusion so the State can use it’s near-infinite resources to avoid setting the wrong precedent. The direction of travel being very much in favour of suicide pods and “kindness” for the many, with cakes with a hundred candles for the Kissingers of this world.

It’s chillingly illustrative of the power of brainwashing that I must confess to a metaphorical raised eyebrow at mention of common law, sovereignty, the rule of the lesser magistrates, and so on. Technocracy is very determined, very confident, convinced of its manifest destiny…

I worry for Neil Oliver and hope he never had any misunderstandings with a girlfriend at any point in his life. He will be Branded or Assanged if the opportunity arises. Meantime sleazy little Baldrick, allegedly, is knighted and feted. For now.

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