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MPs pride in democracy

Andrew Bridgen addresses MPs disappearing backs. Something about vaccines.

There were few enough to start with.
I haven’t listened to his speech yet but despite it being in Parliament, it’s banned from YouTube.


Hi @Evvy_dense , I did find this on youtube as I couldn’t open the rumble link at first try:

  • a pity that no reference was made to the German health minister’s recent admission of damages from the jab!

A great speech however and thanks for the post.



Thanks @CJ1 - that’ll teach me not to read off the Rumble claim, I guess it’s a bit of a standard selling point for them. John Campbell’s two useful comments about the JVCI’s £1bn pharma investments and the MRHA being 86% funded by Pharma might well have more views than Parliament!

Good news from Germany - democracy sort of almost working, well a bit, though far too late do do much good. It seems there’s no-one with any authority listening to Bridgen here.

The response in the media has been unbelievable.
Nothing on his official government data. A few smear pieces:

Andrew Bridgen

Disgraced MP Andrew Bridgen free to raise anti-vax conspiracy theories in Commons, Speaker says

i News 18:29 Fri, 17 Mar

Anti-vaxx MP Andrew Bridgen admits Laurence Fox’s ‘anti-woke’ group wrote speech for him

The Mirror 19:00 Sat, 11 Mar

Leicestershire MP accuses James Bond publishers of censorship over classic novel rewrites

Leicestershire Live 14:10 Mon, 27 Feb

Andrew Bridgen has fallen down a far-right conspiracy rabbit hole – he should not be an MP

i News 12:25 Tue, 14 Mar

David Davis hits the slopes, Bridgen’s reclaim donations and Liz truss parties with the stars

Guido Fawkes’ Blog 09:40 Fri, 10 Mar

None are worth reading except for masochists. But for dishonesty, read the Mirror link. For wilful, cynical ‘stupidity’, I recommend the second i-piece.
Nothing from the BBC or Guardian. They come out best!
This is the democracy people fought for - ironic that Germany comes out better :grimacing:


I suppose all you can say about this is how totally corrupt and immoral the English Parliament is (and by the way, so are the Welsh and Scottish parliaments).

How on earth do we allow these bunch of scumbags to rule our lives?!

It seems like an obvious question.