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More metaphysical musings by McKenna

The always interesting Terence McKenna riffing on ideology, the mysteries of life and death, transhumanism, the psychedelic experience and the majestic primacy of the present moment.

Wish we still had him around…

“I’d rather put my hand in the larger hand of the Goddess!” Said in relation to preferring entheogens to pharmaceuticals (nature over artifice),…perhaps if he had taken his own advice more often he would still be with us…it was synthesised DMT his bio-chemist brother produced for him wasn’t it?

I think he tried every form of DMT he could get his mits on :wink:

yes, it’s a shame he’s gone. Although I didnt think it was necessarily to do with his dmt/psilo taking…

He died of a brain tumour!


Can I have a second opinion from an Accredited YouTube medical expert?