Moon of Alabama on the Vaxx Train

“SARS-CoV-2, which causes Convid-19, is a new virus and our bodies are not prepared to fight it”

Nope, I disagree completely, seeing as how officially most don’t get it, and those that do 99.9% live to tell the tale.

Why You Should Get Vaccinated But Don’t Need A Third Shot

There were again a number of misleading comments about Covid-19 in yesterday’s open thread. I have deleted a dozen or so of those.

It doesn’t help that the media are currently back at bad reporting about the various vaccine issues.

Here are some clarifications about the current situation:

Q: Why do people who were vaccinated still get Covid-19?

A: The vaccines are not giving a ‘sterilizing immunity’. They were not designed for that and never promised to do so. What the vaccines do in fairy reasonable quality is to prepare the body to fight Covid-19 early and effectively. Nearly all people who got vaccinated will be protected from a severe progression of the disease.

Q: If the vaccine does not protect me from getting Covid-19 why should I still take one?

A: SARS-CoV-2, which causes Convid-19, is a new virus and our bodies are not prepared to fight it. The vaccines, by looking like a part of the virus, are teaching the body to fight the real virus. Once that is done special cells in our bodies will remember that fight. As soon as they detect a real infection they will be ready to attack it.

Q: But would that not also happen if just get infected by SARS-CoV-2 without being vaccinated?

A: Yes it would. But the speed at which the body can fight the virus is much slower in unvaccinated people. Speed is of great importance here. Remember that the Covid-19 disease happens in two phases. The virus first attacks in the upper respiratory tract - the nose and throat. Some seven days or so later it goes down into the lungs. It then can cause a so called cytokine storm during which the body overreacts and attacks itself in multiple organs. To avoid a progression into the second phase of Covid-19 the body must fight the virus as fast as possible.

Q: But the vaccine efficiency is waning over time and they are telling us that we need a third or even a fourth shot.

A: Yes, Pfizer and Co want to sell more vaccines. But for most people a third or fourth shot will not be necessary at all. Let me explain:

The vaccines induce certain cells in our immune system (B- and T-cells) to create specific antibodies (proteins) against the virus and to detect and kill infected cells. After the virus is eliminated from the body there is no need to keep the antibodies around. A few weeks after a vaccination or infection the body slowly discards them. The measurable level of antibodies in the blood decreases. This process, which is normal, has been depicted in the press as ‘waning immunity’. But that is pretty much nonsense.

Once a vaccine induced infection is fought off special B- and T-cells will remember the fight and what specific antibodies they had to produce to kill the virus. These memory cells will hibernate in our bodies until they are again needed. As soon as a new infection is detected they wake up and start to produce a huge amount of specific antibodies to (again) fight the virus.

Ask a Biologist has a fine explanation of that process:

Toward the end of each battle to stop an infection, some T-cells and B-cells turn into Memory T-cells and Memory B-cells. As you would expect from their names, these cells remember the virus or bacteria they just fought. These cells live in the body for a long time, even after all the viruses from the first infection have been destroyed. They stay in the ready-mode to quickly recognize and attack any returning viruses or bacteria.

Quickly making lots of antibodies can stop an infection in its tracks. The first time your body fights a virus, it can take up to 15 days to make enough antibodies to get rid of it. With the help of Memory B-cells, the second time your body sees that virus, it can do the same thing in 5 days. It also makes 100 times more antibodies than it did the first time. The faster your body makes antibodies, the quicker the virus can be destroyed. With the help of Memory B-cells, you might get rid of it before you even feel sick. This is called gaining immunity.


Now think of the ‘first infection’ in the graphic as the vaccination. It has trained the B and T memory cells to fight SARS-CoV-2. Unlike the antibodies the B and T memory cells do not go away. When the next infection comes along the body will be quickly produce new antibodies and wrangle the virus down.

Q: But would not a third or fourth vaccination increase the efficiency with which the body can fight the virus?

A: That probably would happen but the effect would be very marginal. Unless someone is immune-compromised or has some other specific issues it is likely a waste of scarce resources that are better applied elsewhere.

Q: But why has the White House announced a third vaccine shot for everyone?

A: Well, that’s actually a scandal the pro-Biden media do not like to talk about.

The White House, which claimed to follow the science, did not follow the science but pharma lobbyists. It announced that everyone would get a third shot before the FDA had collected data on third shots, discussed the issue, and made a decision on it.

Stephen Gowans @GowansStephen - 14:00 UTC · Sep 4, 2021

Here’s who it’s supposed to work:
FDA recommends → White House approves → Big Pharma acts
Here’s how it really works:
Big Pharma recommends → White House approves → FDA rubber stamps → Pfizer, Moderna, J&J shareholders (including a hefty part of Biden’s cabinet) cash in

The head of the FDA vaccine office and her deputy resigned in protest over the White House announcement as there is not nearly enough data to justify a third vaccine shot. Scientifically there is simply no compelling reason for a third dose. The White House will now have to walk back its statements on the issue.

Q: So there is no reason at all to get re-vaccinated?

A: Currently there is no reason for an additional shot. But the virus is mutating over time and the vaccines we currently have were made to fight the original virus. They are a little less effective against the now predominant delta variant. There will fairly soon be new vaccines that are specifically designed to fight new variants of the virus. People who are in risk groups, the very old and those with diseases that may make a Covid-19 infection more problematic, should probably take those new shots when they become available. For most people they will most likely still be unnecessary.

Q: But what about the reports of vaccinated people in hospitals and ICUs?

A: Those people are probably very old or have significant additional diseases. The media have overplayed the issue and most reports about severe ‘breakthrough’ infections are just sensational crap that is not based on actual data. Most people who now end up in the hospitals and ICUs are in fact not vaccinated:

“Most people here are unvaccinated,” says Dr. Ilya Kagan, head of the coronavirus intensive care ward at Beilinson Hospital near Tel Aviv, standing at the bed of a man in his 50s who is sedated and on a ventilator.

If you are vaccinated the chances for you to end up in the ICU is much, much lower than it is for not vaccinated people.

Q: Do you expect to get Covid-19?

A: Yes I do. The virus is now endemic and will likely - over time- infect every human (and many other mammals). But I am now vaccinated and my body has learned and remembers how to fight the virus. It will most likely do that fast enough to prevent extraordinaire damage and a severe disease. After that first infection a second or third will likely happen over the next years and decades. Each one will also reinforce my body’s defenses, especially against the then predominant variant.


Regrettably, bernhard, like Andrei at Saker, has swallowed the covid bollocks h,l&s, and - like Andrei - is censoring anything that doesn’t fit with his trance-state belief system.

He calls the authentic, proven-in-practice prophylactics/cures for the initial encounter with the pathogen ‘snake-oil’: A clearly-ridiculous, irrational response, despite those treatments having been developed by actual doctors (which b isn’t) treating patients directly, and getting, as Dr. Zelenko and others have reported, around 85% reduction in hospitalisation and death in patients.

Who are you going to believe? A gifted news analyst with a most unfortunate natural level of hypnotic-suggestibility, or numerous actual professional healers treating patients directly and seeing the results themselves, rather than just surveying obviously tainted ‘news’ reports?

Astonishing, isn’t it, the way that hypnotic-suggestibility cuts RIGHT across intellectual acuity? The two simply don’t match at all. The brightest of us can get induced into cloud-cuckoo-land trance, simply on the strength of our natural suggestibility. Witness both bernhard and Andrei - and plenty of other surprising victims.

berhard’s analysis, quoted above by E, is simply wildly wrong, and is crafted to fit the post-hypnotic suggestions which he’s imbibed from precisely the information field which he’s usually so good at analysing cannily, with a sharp nose - normally - for deceitful bs.

Witnessing a steady trickle of people who really ought to know better getting suckered by this umprecedentd global covid hypnosis scam has been an astonishing experience for me: Never before in a long lifetime have I ever witnessed anything like this directly.

To state just briefly what I think is the real situation: There does seem to be a real odd pathogen about, possibly - no, probably - bioweapons-lab tampered, but still enough like the wild ones to be entirely within our bodies’ natural immune capabilities to handle, and sufficiently like previous pathogens for our immune systems to recognise and neutralise it promptly without ‘benefit’ of vax. A bit of early, promptly-applied help from the sound “snake-oil” medicines is all the help most of us need to off it easily. It appears to be about as lethal as a normal seasonal flu, and kills only a small minority, as they do each year.

It’s been used as the bait for an unprecedented, criminal mass-hypnosis conspiracy by a bunch of oligarchical crooks on the make, for which millions, including a parlous number of the best and brightest, have fallen heavily, dependent entirely on their degree of natural suggestibility.

A truly astonishing incident in the history of our time. It’s to be hoped that when the dust has settled, this time will be pointed up in future historical accounts as an object lesson in how mass-psychopathies may be induced deliberately by unprincipled criminals. Acute deliberately-induced fear is an astonishing unbalancer, isn’t it?

My own experience with covid is as follows: I reckon I’ve encountered both the original pathogen and what’s called ‘the delta variant’, one at age 79, the other at 81. On both occasions I self-treated, since both the hospitals and my GPs were grovelling on the floor in a state of propaganda-induced shock. On both occasions the only medications that I took were my regular twice-daily doses of cannabis oil (originally self-prescribed for cardio-vascular support, though it’s also a wide-acting panacea medical herb), plus mega doses of vitamin C; thirty grams a day, in water taken in divided-dose sips every half hour. The first encounter lasted three days, the second two. Both were - literally - less troublesome even than the mildest of colds. Take as large a dose of C as you seem to need. There is no known lethal dose. It’s a food supplement.

The main prophylactic that we all need in this weird time is conscious resistance to criminal mass manipulation. :thinking:


Hey Rhis, you mentioned before not to get a certain type of Vitamin C, and to get another type. Could you repeat that? What form do you get your Vitamin C?

thanks for the response, yes it’s hard to figure MoA’s unquestioning support of the Covid narrative (though he does seem to question the ‘third booster’) and the Covid policies.


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I would say just about any form is better than nothing, but if it’s a pill, check the ingredients list.

You can buy kilo-packs of crystalline powdered pure C, either as Ascorbic acid or Sodium Ascorbate. The Sodium salt is milder in taste, and very easy on the stomach, but both are excellent. The plain acid isn’t difficult to drink, especially if you take it in fruit juice rather than just water. It just has a slightly sharp ‘acid’ taste. My mam used to say that it upset her stomach slightly, when she was in her 80s; never bothers me that way though. Buy it through Ebay, cheap.

And seriously, do take some time to check out Andrew Saul’s archive at for gob-smacking information, that should be in every schoolchild’s standard curriculum, and certainly any doctor’s! The way its massive, wide-acting healing power is comprehensively ignored, or even actively, villainously cried down, is simply scandalous. Literally, people should be in the dock about this for criminal negligence and active malpractice.

The Big Pharma criminals loathe it, because it’s a cheap, universally-available generic, which has the power to sideline most of their drug-pushing racket, if the truth were ever told about it widely enough.

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thanks Rhis!