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ML on Al Jaz's 'The Labour Files', and the deathly silence on it from the pocket-pols and the stenostitutes

If you still don’t get that all radical, mildly democratic-socialism-inclined voters in Britain are currently disenfranchised - then you must be asleep. Ex-Labour is simply not a voice for working-class people any more; nor has it any credible loyalty to anything even faintly resembling socialism. There is NO government-likely party in Britain (amongst the just two shades of blue that have any prospect whatever of forming a government) for such voters.

We are without representation.

And yet, with honest media telling us the truth (hah!) we would prove, easily, to be an absolute majority. This is British ‘democracy’, English-raj-class style! Hah!:

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Good summary there by David Cromwell. Take it from me that the same top-down crushing of dissent was used to root out trade unionists who stubbornly stuck to their belief that workplace activism would be fostered and supported. This seldom extended to any local, regional, or national officials who would simply ignore anything they didn’t like the look of. Too busy organising photoshoots of models pretending to be ever so polite pickets, this year’s pay negotiations (same as last year’s but with the dates and percentages changed), and attending conferences with their pals. Scum, the lot of them.

“Stenostitutes”, what a lovely word! I bet you couldn´t do that in Frence or German.