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Midazolam no longer recommended for COVID care


Has the link for the amended NICE guideline, amended in the last couple of days.


To be strictly accurate, benzodiazepines are no longer advised for consideration for treatment of ‘anxiety’, ‘delirium’ or ‘agitation’ in connection with a “diagnosis” of “COVID”; they never were ‘recommended’ for treatment of respiratory illness as such. The nitter (good name) message stating that "recommendations that benzodiazepines (including Midazolam) and other meds should be administered for respiratory issues/anxiety and agitation" is an unnecessary exaggeration. The board message “Recommended for COVID Care” is in consequence sensational but misleading. There really is no need to get so excited.

Social media. Right.

Amending a guideline two or more years later has a certain panache i suppose

Hi @AlanG , you’re surely not suggesting that midazolam was not actually given to thousands of UK “covid” patients - I thought this had been established early on see:



Hi CJ1, no, I’m not! Midazolam is/was prescribed for anxiety etc., and as such was recommended for ‘consideration’ etc. It was not, as far as I can make out, ever recommended as a treatment for ‘COVID’ per se so it follows that it can’t therefore have been dropped as such.

My recollection is that the killing fields were the care/nursing homes where it was given as part of end-of-life ‘care’ along with morphine; three times as many prescriptions in 2020 compared with ‘normal’. (h/t M. Hancock). Come back Harold Shipman, all is forgiven.

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Hi folks, I’ve found it exceedingly difficult to find the full Nice document in its pre- amended state - finally found it on a Dr Campbell video (

The old NG163 came with this snappy little URL:

This clearly sets out midazolam for use on covid patients in various instances including within certain times before death ( see table 5)- I am always amazed when medics, after clearly failing to help patients, can suddenly become oracles of the future in determining when people will die - and hence what medicines to give them at certain times before that date!

the reference to BNF is here:

various videos from Debbie Evans on UKColumn

the Highwire

and articles on the Expose like this one:

all point to “death paths” for Covid and the use of midazolam.