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Meryl Nass found 'guilty', doesn't pause for breath

Some history here, in a thread originally started by RG.

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Looks like she’s been busy organising a ‘Stop the Great Reset’ conference in Sweden

and other stuff visible on her substack.

The verdict is the expected disgrace, as she summarises below. I don’t think a single one of these items against Dr Nass stands up to scrutiny.

See Point 13 - she hasn’t had her licence revoked, which could and would have been challenged in court. Instead the Maine Fuhrers created a ‘continued suspension’ verdict - unless she jumps through ridiculous hoops and even then she will still be under probation - which from the sound of it, can’t be challenged.

But the Sheisters will have their day in court, that they want like a hole in the head. They are likely trying to tempt her into resigning. I doubt she’s thinking about that, as she’s planning her own counter-offensive.

GUILTY: The Medical Board has created a false model–Dr. Nass ran a “pill mill”–to tar and feather me

Today’s meeting a great microcosm of what we see in the world: 2 world views that never meet. And the Board showed me who was the “Boss”–for now

Meryl Nass

19 Sept 2023

  1. I did not take a history (!). All I did was get a med list and a weight according to Dr. Waddell. Of course that is not true.
  2. To my recollection, the first patient did not have a penicillin allergy; the hospital record was wrong; but I am being blamed for missing this.
  3. Allegation made re a “late entry” to my medical records to imply I fudged a record. Yet all doctors made adjustments to records later when needed, and if this was something I was doing surreptitiously, why would I choose a different color ink?
  4. Patient 3 asked for ivermectin, but received HCQ instead and was told to stop using an inappropriate drug. Patient 2 requested ivermectin but got both IVM and HCQ. This disputes Waddell’s assertion I only gave the patients what they requested. It refutes the “pill mill” charge. [He talked about marijuana and opioid pill mills, implying I was their equivalent.]
  5. I failed to secure confidentiality because I discussed patient care with relatives that patients wanted me to speak to and requested I speak to.
  6. Because I gave out my private cell phone number, and patients started texting me with that information (which I had never anticipated when I started giving people my number so they could contact me when they got COVID) my communications were not sufficiently confidential. Note: I have never initiated texting with any patients, but I did respond to them once they began texting.
  7. Dr. Waddell claims my lie to the pharmacist was “unnecessary” and was instead an effort to create a public spectacle. Yet it was the only way to get the patient the medication that this board had illegally (though ignorantly) prevented pharmacists from dispensing by colluding with the governor, pharmacy board and health department to frighten pharmacists into withholding medicines illegally, due to fear of investigation and loss of licensure. This was the top charge against me. No one said that I immediately told the Board what I had done and begged them to stop forcing doctors to choose between their licenses and their patients. [We all know how that choice went down with these 4 MD Board members.]
  8. Fay-LeBlanc says she is very concerned that I continue to believe I did the right thing. And she claims again that I had no need to lie to the pharmacist. No need— if I was going to let the patient die.
  9. The Board members were told to make their decisions based on the preponderance of the evidence. But they do not reference any of what my 7 witnesses said. They don’t seem to be aware of that evidence. It is as if the entire hearing, the experts, the patients, the hundreds of exhibits did not exist.
  10. I am “vilifying” other colleagues because my lawyer said the pharmacist was playing doctor! I suppose this falls into the category of hate speech? My attorney explained to the Board this was his language, and I had never vilified a pharmacist. This is how puerile the events of today were.
  11. They seem concerned to “not set a precedent” by ignoring any allegations against me. However, if we are to judge the proceedings in light of them setting prior precedents, no one has ever been punished like this without a single allegation that patient safety was at risk, nor that I harmed a single patient.
  12. All the charges having to do with IVM and HCQ evaporated, and there was not a whisper about misinformation or vaccines.
  13. Apparently had my license been revoked, I would have access to a court that would review the entire record. So instead, I was given a continued suspension until I take 3 courses in medicine, ethics and record-keeping. After that I can beg for it back, and get a minder who will submit monthly then quarterly reports to the Board of whether I have reformed. Then undergo 2 yrs probation. But the board must be convinced I have become a new woman, or else there is plenty of room for them to whack me some more. There will also be considerable financial penalties. Don’t know how much yet, as it depends on “court costs.”

It was a surreal experience. And now the Board can declare victory, having saved the public from people like me. No doubt doctors around the country will be informed of this great victory. Let me know what media report on the case over the next couple of days.

Meantime, the Board’s attorneys must respond to my lawsuit against them in about a month.


The corruption throughout USA is breathtakingly brazen. I guess Dr Nass can now be characterized as “disgraced” in the same kind of way that X who liked a tweet by Russel Brand the “known” sex offender can be. will be.

Ok I might’ve preempted that part of the flak attack by a few weeks but not so much longer, I suspect.

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Furtive medispooks continue to wail and groan at Meryl Nass.
Not even sure what her ‘punishment’ is. Perhaps it’s to be dogged by crap forever.
However she will launch her own case against the crooks soon, of the non-kangaroo kind.

My Board matter lasted from 8:20 am to 8:22 am.

I do thank them for not making me wait all day for this anticlimactic finish to the case