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Meetup for the 1 year anniversary of RGs passing

Hi all

May 21 is the 1 year anniversary of the death of our good friend and much missed comrade.

I thought it would be nice to meet up somewhere, chat, eat and drink.

I’m based out cambridgeshire way but would be happy to go to London or to anywhere else that would be convenient for the most people.

If anyone has posting rights on TLN then I would extend the invitation to any of that crew who would be up for a combined meetup.

We have a month - let’s make it happen.

Peace and love to all here, there and everywhere.



Cambridgeshire sounds quite good to me actually. I may by then have completed my move North-East but A1-M11 is do-able, and if not M2-M11 from Kent is also. Less keen on London but near Euston/Kings Cross stations might work.

LonDon is not me. I’ll go if I have to, but I’d rather not.

Happy to help with transportation. Will have three seats spare.

Great idea - Cambridgeshire works for me but open to most suggestions.


Great idea but, living in south Germany, it´s difficult for me, though I´ll be there in spirit and in loving admiration of dear old Rhis.

Me too!

How easy is Cambs for you @LocalYokel? Also paging @Evvy_dense - are you going to be available do you think?

Tis a three hour drive, give or take because all roads lead to LonDon. Depending on what happens, we can always book somewhere for an overnight stop

Great idea, timing not ideal for me due to an injury and potential commitment. How vital is it to match the anniversary date? A couple of weeks later than May 21 would be better for me, or even one week later.

What about Warwickshire, Rhisiart’s latterday homeland. Eg Two Boats pub in Long Itchington - historic scene of past meetings.
Knocks off the tricky part of the journey for the northerners.

Sorry to hear of your injury - I had a slip a few weeks ago that restricted my driving ability, it must be something in the air :anguished:

Cambridgeshire or Warwickshire OK for me.


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It’s those EMF’s, especially 5G :rofl:


Sorry to hear that bro. Personally happy to push by a week or two if everyone’s ok with that. I’m sure RG doesn’t mind.


Thanks guys.

It’s not all bad…my left handed typing has improved recently.

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Hi Aly et al

Its a nice idea, nearly coincides with our planned cycle camping trip in early June. We’ll be overnighting at Ramsey, Bluntisham, Fulbourn and 3 days at Whittlesford (yes, honestly, we have our own good reasons), 7-13 June but I fear we’ll be missing the boat. . .

What a lovely idea to get together and raise a pint to RhG. A fine endeavour! Unfortunately, I’m across the pond and cannot join you but am happy that you’re doing it.


If you ever do make it to Blighty then we’re gonna have an epic party!


For sure!!!

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Where are you?

Southampton not going to be a great place to come from maybe…I could meet somewhere for a lift though…I have to admit to being very sad I was unable to mark Rhis’ passing properly before…

Millbrook today. But Gloucester is my patch. I get around.

Southampton? Let me consult a map and get back to you

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