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Meet WHO Tube

Loads of alternative health information providers and seekers in peril.

YouTube to Remove Medical Information Videos Contradicting WHO, Health Officials


YouTube will remove cancer treatment misinformation


Next pandemic, dissenting voices will be much harder to find.

This one isn’t over it seems

Americans at high risk advised to wear masks as new Covid variant detected

Might be someone trying to boost the boosters


ANd at the same time, anyone who was unsure about Elon Musk and Twitter should watch Twitters new CEO The HighWire | Watch episode 344 from 32 minutes 40 seconds. Free speech? My arse!

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Thanks for this @PatB.
(Jefferey Jaxen continues to impress!?)
Looks like fewer bans but other googlish tricks to reduce visibility.

Right of speech but not reach…everyone has free speech, it’s just that sometimes the only audience allowed is your cat :grimacing:

So Musk hired a deepstate hatchet woman.
I guess he was worried about Twitter losing too much money - moved to protect brands.
Far better to sell out your supporters instead.
We are, after all, mere advertising fodder.

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Thanks for the link @PatB - the episode was 334 to which your link takes us - well worth a listen particularly if you’re still using twitter or hex.
As an aside interestingly Del talks about being open to all views - including saying some people don’t believe in virus’at all , and that’s alright! - a bit of walking back is definitely a good idea sometimes.*


  • PS - just to clarify, this refers to Del’s comments a few weeks ago along the lines that ~ we shouldn’t get sidelined by discussing the no-virus theory, our main aim should be to stop the jab ~.
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