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May 9 celebrations in Mariupol: Something you WON'T see on the beeb

or any of the mind-sewers of the Western mediawhores’ PBB: With some straight talking about the realities persisting beneath the Kiev junta’s nazi persecutions, from residents of Mariupol:


I will boldly predict that what’s happening in Ukraine will be the end of the EU within a year.

I’m too knackered at the moment to go into details (except for obvious stuff like energy prices).

I’m very pro-European (I’ve lived in France for decades) but I have never been pro-EU, because the EU is a construct of the American Empire.

I think the total nonsense in the Ukraine will make many people realise this.

Notice that western media coverage of the Ukraine conflict rarely, if ever, will show you dead bodies - people blown apart by shells or run over by tanks, etc. It’s all sanitised. There is a real war going on, and our glorious leaders - most of whom couldn’t be put in charge of a car park - are pumping it to the max, not least with tax payer’s money. It’s got to be one of the biggest scams in history (even more so than the covid scam). 4 billion from the UK, 40 billion from the US, 20 billion from the EU. Where do you think all this money is going? and that’s without the huge amount of arms that are being pumped into Ukraine, most of which will end up on the black market.

At the front end of all this corruption are large numbers of people getting slaughtered.

It’s always been so.