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It’s a lengthy read, and the four events that are the focus of this article will be well known to 5effers I believe. The impetus comes from an academic paper that sets out to show how Russian propaganda works, while remaining utterly silent about the facts that are used being propaganda. (Insert scare quotes to suit your taste.)

An observation I’d add: the article mentions the possibility that Douma involved the use of cadavers brought there from elsewhere. Recently the IDF lay siege to Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. During that time arrangements for the decent disposal of the bodies of people who died there could not be followed. So a mass grave was used on the hospital site. Subsequent to forcing patients and staff to leave, the IDF and various other parties have swarmed the site. Videos and photos have been saturating mass media supposedly showing discarded weapons and paraphernalia left behind, we are told, by HAMAS militia.

The mass grave has, apparently, been unearthed and bodies removed. To what end? If I can find trustworthy-seeming materials on this I’ll append these as separate items. What if roadside victims of a Hezbollah incursion into northern Israel were to be discovered, a la Bucha? Other scenarios spring to mind, of course.