Mark Crispin Miller and Joe Mercola in conversation on the NYU attempt to cancel Miller

Mark is very lucid about the subject he teaches - propaganda studies - as it’s now being applied to suppress him and his vital work:

Fascinating. This guy Miller was onto the media and propaganda thing before most people. Now his pet subject is eating him.

Now he’s being persecuted because…He appeared to be facing the wrong way on masks?

Or is it…

His website just pissed off his colleagues.
There are futher suspects in the Who-shot-JR style mystery:

He included Big Pharma and Bill Gates funding as reasons why institutions and reports might be biased.
He was caught up in a row regarding transgender contoversies
He has allegedly been pushing anti-Covid and anti-vaccine narratives (these last two not mentioned in the Mercola interview).

There had already been an episode in the transgender row prior to the present one, which was sorted out by the lawyers.

We don’t have the other side of the story but if he is correct that a student, who missed the point that they were asked to study the masks propaganda for themselves, then complained aggressively on Twitter, and the department and Uni got involved without consulting him then one would think there is a hand behind this and the real reason could be anything, with the reason actually given an outsider.

I’ve read his website before this was posted. First, as far as his students are concerned, he doesn’t face any particular way. He tells them to check everything.

Using Occams razor, I believe the student that joined the class late, was a plant. No big mystery here. Except who are the biggest donors to the university?

I tend to believe him, the dynamics of the witch hunt are familiar. But what then is the reason for the witch hunt. I suppose that’s like looking for dark matter. But of all the possible reasons, the ‘masks’ explanation is the least convincing - if it was that, it doesn’t explain why the unversity and his colleagues reacted so unreasonably.

I say follow the money. Couldn’t find anything on their website unless one wants to be a donor!

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… is the correct answer. The best way to get an issue taken seriously in many a university is to encourage student/s to use the complaints procedure. Chances are they’ll be gone in 2-3 years and so might your enemy!

The Complete University Guide is published tomorrow and word on the street suggests an interesting change in places 1 and 2