Long interview with Dr. Peter McCullough on the - abysmal - history of the covid feck-up

This detailed history of how the hyper-screw-up unfolded is eye-opening.

Note how all the steps taken by authority, whilst they could be interpreted as nothing more than panicky chaos, could just as easily be interpreted as an entire layer of ‘nod-and-wink’-coordinated technocrat-class and pol-class like-thinkers, in many countries, all deciding to charge down a particular path, under the initial nudging of a much smaller coterie of shysters-on-an-agenda; the bought-Gatesoids at the WHO for example, under the influence of the inner Bellender Gates Foundation clique itself.

You can perhaps see how other members of the grossly over-wealthy minority would catch on quickly to what was being attempted, would see the collateral ‘benefits’ to themselves, and would quickly climb aboard the band-waggon. And indeed, it has been very profitable for such as Bezos and Zuckerberg, for example.

An exercise in group doublethink amongst high-status/high-wealth members of the Outer Party, in other words, under the prompting of a group within the Inner Party; the gics holed up in the Anglozionist empire. The Outer Party operators being not necessarily clearly-conscious that the whole thing was a scam, but ‘going along to get along’, and doublethinking their private doubts into suppression: “Difficult to get a man to see something when his income [and status in the world] depends on him not seeing it…”

This possibility seems to me to be a promising model of how this whole - obviously consciously-malevolent - scam happened. The ‘why’ still seems to be hazy. Various hypotheses. But the idea that it was an obvious scam, being attempted on the whole world by a relatively-small clique of criminally over-rich arriviste-globaliser hoodlums, now seems clear: First stampede the Outer Party functionaries, then whip them on to stampede the Proles. (Roll on Nurnberg 2!)

Peter McCullough’s detailed testimony here offers some cogent support to that thesis: