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Thomas Sheridan interviewed by Jason Liosatos earlier this week. It’s a really good one, depending on your point of view…


Ok, I’m shamelessly plugging the new forum I’ve put up on my (heavily attacked blog - but still just about going!). Maybe no one will be interested in it; but the point is there is no censorship: you can say whatever you want, without a bunch of a-holes telling you what you can or cannot say.

New forum software that I’m still coming to grips with, so forgive if there’s some blips in it at the moment.

Fuck, I’m going to write a sonnet named ‘Moronic’ (it kinda rhymes).

It will probably just be me and my latest sonnet, but you never know…

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Well done - though you can say almost whatever you want here, without anyone calling you an a-hole. Whatever floats your boats - good luck.

Of course I can discuss - no offence RobG, but that seems to be your own problem.
What narrative are you on about, if you can tear it apart you could do that here - the only things ever blocked were insults.

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Evvy, estimates vary, but it seems like about one third of the western population don’t want to be vaccinated (and it’s a much larger percentage in the rest of the world). They are now bringing in mandatory vaccinations In Europe. That 30% refuseniks equates to about 190 million people in Europe alone. Do you really think 190 million people are going to bow to this shite?

If you want to get jabbed, that’s up to you.

You will find, though, that a lot of those 30% will take up arms rather than submit to this tyranny.

Where does it stop, when they’re carting people off to concentration camps? (which is already happening in Australia and Canada).

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No idea why you’re saying this to me - nobody here has advocated mandatory vaccinations, it’s like you’ve never read the site. (Excuse me officer, there’s a strange man hanging from my buttonhole…and he’s not distancing :grinning:)

Anyway I’m turning in. Stay or go, but if you stay don’t insult people here.
Good luck with the blog forum.

Suggested guideline

G’night :slightly_smiling_face:

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Evvy, are you Australian (your sign-off)?

In the spirit of the season I won’t argue any further, and will wish you a Merry Christmas (whatever your beliefs).

I’ve got to be up in about 4 hours time, to deal with some roofers.

It never gets any easier…

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@RobG I’m going to add my two pen’worth. Why not set up a poll here? I believe it’s possible but haven’t tried it. Simple question with a few possible answers.

Do you want (or have you already had) the Coroni jab?

Possible answers
Yes, had it gladly
Yes, want it
Yes, had it (or will have to) to keep my job
No, not until it is mandatory
No, over my dead body (It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees)

I think you’ll find amongst the posters and readers on this site there are far more that agree with you, including Evvy. In fact thinking about it, If I get the time, I might do it if you don’t. :wink:

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Australian? Well, in the same way that I am Charlie Hebdo (or rather, not, if you see what I mean)
Good luck with the pesky troofers :laughing:

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Hope the roofers behave.

I am having no luck with WordPress forum though. The exact same is true for OffG. Register, get the confirmation email, but the blog forums don’t work.

It might be the Brave browser but that seems unlikely as I’m sure WP uses server-side code for these sorts of things (PHP, which is platform-agnostic unless some unusual branch is used).

It’s a shame.

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Good TS vid. Thanks.

Karen, my apologies. It’s new software on my blog that I’m still getting used to. You should now be able to post without having to register, or any of that stuff.

I should stress that I’m not grandstanding here, or trying to flog you anything. I have a link to my books in the top bar, but any author will tell you that you only get pennies from that.

My intent is to give an open platform without any censorship.

You can call me an arsehole, you can spit on the floor and call my cat a bastard, but you won’t be censored.

I’m now only one of a handful who still allow free speech.

My main point of it is for all of us to share information, without fear.



Couple of test comments successfully sent, many thanks.

This cat really is a bastard, btw, but I love him anyway

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Love the cat. What’s the name?

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As I type this at 3 o’clock in the morning my cat is asleep on my window sill, but is still half watching me (as cats do). My cat’s name is Herricka, and she’s wondering why all night I’ve been ranting and raving about stuff.

Herricka gives me a look, and I know it’s time to check out for the night…

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His name is Sarsen, the stone not the vinegar

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Herricka waves a paw, from here in France.

And of course I have to ask: why is your cat called ‘Sarsen’? (I haven’t had time to look it up properly yet)

Oh, and here’s Herricka in the early season vines above our terrace, back in 2019, I think (black cats are notoriously difficult to photograph!)…

Herricka Vines

Herricka is pronounced here as 'Erricka, because those damn French don’t like the letter H. She’s actually named after Robert Herrick, the 17th century English poet - it’s a long story.

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Herricka is a very similar puss to our Klaws Kinski (long since departed). I don’t do the pet names myself but Sarsen is the type of sandstone used to build some stone monuments like Coldrum, here in Kent, Avebury, and I’m deliberately not mentioning that one by the A303 :grin:. I think Sarsen derives from Saracen i.e. non-Christian, and cats don’t waste their energy on belief systems, after all.