Latest Orlov mailout, published on the Winter Solstice, says US collapse into civil war is now imminent

Headline says it all, pretty well. I can’t copy Dmitry’s essay here right now, because it hasn’t been released yet from behind the paywall.

Briefly, he’s discussing the signs that everything is now in place in the US for the trigger moment that tips it into total anarchic failed-state status. One of these signs being a CIA analyst woman with a sound track-record saying exactly this - civil war due soon - on CNN.

Dmitry further surmises that the premier-quality information available to the CIA analysts is also known to Kremlin and Forbidden-City strategists, which is why Russia, backed by China, has suddenly published - think about that: published!, not sent quietly through diplomatic back-channels - a set of blunt, obvious ultimata to the nominal federal government in the Swamp.

2022 is going to be an Interesting Time… :innocent:

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