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Kyle Rittenhouse | Murder or Self-Defense?

Hi all

This is already starting to feel like yesterdays news rather than potentially the most explosive trial in years but for the unaware, here’s a video laying out the video evidence that the case hinged on. Following on from that, Jimmy Dore talks about the trial and the disgraceful media distortions surrounding what happened that night.

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Can’t find any way to view Jimmy Dore vid without being forced to sign in to YT - which I won’t do. Anyone found any path past the jump-through hoops?

He’s viewable somewhere else, gimme a minute

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Here you go…

And the Orfalea vid…

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Thanks Spike. What can you say? The lamestream media actually publish the lie that the shot people were black when - as easily checked (where are the fart chuckers when you need them!) - they were in fact white. And yes, according to the videos he was being chased by armed people who were trying to beat him to the ground: In that atmosphere, a lethally dangerous situation. But who would have known without people like Jimmy and Garland?

Boy obviously acted like a fool to get himself into that riot in the first place, flaunting a long weapon. But then, which seventeen year old boy isn’t a fool, especially where guns are concerned?