"Klaus Schwab's Traitors - A More Complete List"

I haven’t as yet formed any assessment of this blogger, or the quality of his blog, or the reliability of this piece. But it’s a straw in the wind, which I caught because I’m searching about for an answer to the basic question: Who are the absolute top-level conspirators behind the covid scam?

Clearly it’s a coordinated, trying-to-be-global scam. Clearly it didn’t just organise itself spontaneously; ergo, the much-abused word ‘conspiracy’ applies here, in its honest dictionary meaning. But who are the central cabal of conspirators? Who, if you assume that people such as Schwab, Gates and Fauci are just front-men gophers, who are the big cheeses? There are bound to be leads somewhere, if we can just sniff them out…

I’ve been wondering lately, as I’ve followed the - gigantic sums of - money: could it be the Blackguards: the carefully-anonymous big-money shysters behind Blackrock, Vanguard, and the other small handful of massive-fund management outfits. Could it be the shadowy denizens of those shit-buckets?

PS: The ‘exposing feminism’ phrase only just appeared when I posted the above. It didn’t appear immediately when I followed my original lead to Makow’s blog. I’m wondering now whether he means the sort of toxic feminism which has grown amongst second and third generation feminists, which I think is ripe to be dissected; or is it about the original feminists, who had - and have - wholly-legitimate grievances about male domination and the chronic undervaluing of what it means to be a woman, the other case of our physically, psychologically and spiritually dimorphic species, whose struggle for parity of esteem I have always supported, and still do.

Click the link despite the headline, and it does lead to the ‘Schwab’s Traitors’ item.

Here’s the Joss Wynne-Evans piece complete with links on his own blog, ‘Blue Tara’:


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Thanks Alan. Also picked up from that ‘Blue Tara’ piece: this link to a ‘Swiss Policy Research’ piece on The Cesspit, aka Wikideceivia: