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Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA's secret war plans against Wikileaks

Pompeo was apparently discussing the kidnapping and assasination of JA back in 2017. The whole thing reads like a script for a new Bourne Identity movie… Do any of these people actually live in the real world?

Amazingly bonkers.

Meanwhile Assange has spent day 900 in prison awaiting extradition.

Glenn Greewnwald’s take on it

And Kevin Gosztola’s discussion (which I’ve not hear myself, although I do usually rate him)

Kevin and - particularly - John both seem astonished at the deluge of corruption that’s drowned their country. I suppose they grew up believing the American Dream, of which George Carlin famously said: “It’s called a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!”

And I’d suggest that when Panetta and Pompous Hippo giggle at the reality of what they do, they’re simply laughing - with due cause, in truth - at the idea that anyone can fail to see that that’s how gics operate, as a matter of simple gangster reality. It’s what happens in their world; only the naifs fail to clock it.

As John points out, despite the enormity of what’s being revealed, nothing will come of it. Any non-naif can see that inevitability by now.

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There’s this implication in the first piece that the emergence of these details may help the case against extradition. But then again, revealing how the hideous Trump administration considered such evil, together with assurances from the “we’re a much nicer set of folks, honest” current US regime, might have an opposite effect. These ‘leaks’ tend not to simply surface without some rebuttal/mitigation plan, and the Friends Of Killary have very long memories and a proven appetite for vengeance. Poor Julian.