Kevin Ryan lays out the close correspondences between the 11/9 scam and the covid scam

Short video. Kevin has been one of the most uncompromisingly accurate and deep-digging commentators on the earlier scam almost from the first. He sees - and says - the host of obvious parallels between that scam and the current one:

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Another in a very good series, the terse style is appreciated.

I should move Another Nineteen to a less easily overlooked To Read pile.

It’s a bit dry. But worth the time. Kevin is a serous digger.

Just to say, before watching it, that one can hardly escape noticing how the week’s obsessive focus on 9/11 has coincided with the critical acceleration of the Covid scam in the drive to vax children now underway, in synchrony, here and in the UK. This is following absolutely no reference to conspiracies on the Three Towers’ demolition; just one long reading of the names of the dead, by children not yet conceived 20 years ago, still talking of the phantom descriptions of the hijackers relayed through the hyperbolic ether on Flight 93. There were at least a few moments of insight “almost as if it was a demolition”… and even a new bit of film I hadn’t seen before, that showed a large flash/explosion just at the start of one tower collapsing, as if a gas tank exploded. Funny how these new things appear.
How long before we hear the discussion recorded about “Operation Delta”?