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Kennedy nailed down on Israel

From the so-called left, I assume.

The first half of the interview is along lines discussed here before. The remarkable topical issue is that there was a big attempt by the Democrats to censor his testimony - to a hearing on censorship, FGS! - I presume it was with Republican intervention that this did not succeed. A remarkable substory.

In the video he is then asked to explain the canard of the vaccine/race card that is actually being played by his Dem opponents in an attempt to discredit him; he fielded that quite well.

So far so good. This video is described on TLN as a car crash interview.

They then got on to Israel, and you can see what was meant by that.
He isn’t given a particulalry hard time, but one of the interviewers puts the opposing case to him, competently and very succinctly. He does seem to go off the rails, clearly only having stock responses which grate as being like blind and one-sided support to Israel. In fairness I’d say he seems to sincerely believe them.

Also interestingly - I presume this ‘Rising’ platform though not the usual flaff, is relatively minor - he is now being attacked on matters of racism from both sides, but by the same Dems. On vaccines, via their fabricated hypocrisy, and on Israel, more genuinely perhaps, but with a vengeance that the left does not seem to apply to the Biden regime, with whom Kennedy’s views seem to align.

Kennedy seems to be generally regarded as a very viable candidate for the presidency; his real obstacle being that the Democrat hierarchy - representing their rich and powerful backers, who back both sides anyway - would rather they lost to Trump than have Kennedy trying to rein them in. It’s reminiscent of Corbyn’s predicament, though Kennedy seems much more capable of carrying it off if given the chance.

The funny thing is that though Kennedy’s support for Israel should damage his credentials with the left, the absence of a real left worthy of the name probably means this is not a stick that can harm him that much. Also of course, post-Bernie the US policy on Israel is standard issue for all the parties these days.

Eric Zuesse 8th August:

(Video below from Eric’s Duran post above).

Max Blumenthal DISMANTLES RFK Jr. (clip)

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Jeeeez! Having seen various stuff before about Kennedy’s position on Palestine including @Evvy_dense’s posting, and was appalled that he could be that misinformed but gave a small amount of credence to the argument that he needed the support of AIPAC. However, that clip @Rich, says to me without any shadow of doubt, that he is as racist as the worst of the Israeli politicians.

Thanks for posting.

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