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Just why?

Only 2432 of these cars were produced in the world. That sports car has diplomatic plates with numbers 212, which is reserved for the Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross.


I can understand a powerful 4x4. But why is this in Kiev?

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Good question.

I’d also ask why does a ‘charity’ need a Maserati? I guess in answer to my own question, the answer would be similar to the reason the CEO of Save The Children (once Neil Kinnock’s daughter in law), gets a salary of $430,000 a year.


My guess, re the latter, would be to prevent him or her from changing the name of the NGO to Save Some Children, which would be honest but somewhat revealing. Having to trade down to a shonky little Peugoet, or whatever, would be a powerful illustration of what happens to people who won’t play nice. (Yes, I own a shonky little Peugoet.)

As for the Mission of the Committee of the Red Cross, the name suggests it’s at least three levels removed from the actual work of the Red Cross, a nice safe distance from Israeli drone operators. Gathering evidence of Russian atrocities one three-course lunch at a time, not so…?