Just thought I'd copy here my message to bMoA, as he starts hyperventilating over 'Ohmycrud!'

I imagine he’ll censor it, but I’ll be interested to see whether he takes the bet. Extraordinary how the sharpest minds can still stumble away from credibility, due to their own naturally high hypnotic suggestibility, innit? b, Saker, George Galloway, on and on…

Link to b’s piece here:


My response:


I understand that you’ve bought into the scamdemic narrative, b, and that you operate a censorship against anyone who tries to argue that that’s what it really is. So I won’t try to offer any of that mass of sound arguments and evidence that demonstrate the reality of the scam.

Instead, I’ll offer you a bullion bet: My whole British Sovereign coin against your half-sovereign that at Christmas time next year, the ‘Ohmycrud!!!’ mutation will have proved to be just as much of a damp squib as have it’s - alleged - predecessors. And the (real) all-causes excess death toll (if you can find any chance to get an actually trustworthy estimate) will, as has happened so far in the whole wilfully-artificial covid panic, be about what you might expect from a bad-flu year.

There now, excellent realpolitik analyst that you are, normally (not being snide; I mean it!), censor this post if you please… But, you know: How about taking that bet…? You have my email address. Drop me a line if you’re on! :slight_smile: Best, Rh.



Still there, comment number 125, and if B intends to follow through on his censorship threat there were dozens more that were a great deal more blunt @RhisiartGwilym.

The article itself was dismal. I can’t quite believe I clicked through to the ZA Health Ministry geezer, but a prime example of what State Capture looks like.

While condemning UK gov for hasty travel ban the ZA gov are themselves contemplating banning “interprovincial travel”. That would definitely piss some people off as it’s soon the time of year when many inlanders shut up shop and whizz down to the seaside for their Christmas summer break. (My mum lives near the ZA version of Margate, in KZN, and usually has a house full.)