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Just received from my parish council: "Warm hub cancelled because of snow" :O)

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As I contracted a severe bout of pneumonia 9 days ago I’m afraid I’m not laughing…

Sorry to hear that, G. How are you doing? Is your situation in hand? Can I help? I guess there’s no need for me to go on yet again about vitamin C… but mega-dose C is frequently a life-saver in these episodes. 30 grams a day, in a jug of water, taken a mouthful at a time every half hour round the clock, to ensure total flooding of your tissues, but without wasting any. Works wonders! Ace anti-biotic (without any bad side-effects; doesn’t slaughter your gut biome) amongst other things, if you’ve got bacterial pneumonia. Give us a shout if I can help with anything: you know my email.

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GKH, I hope you’re managing to recover. I don’t know what it is this last year, particularly since last summer. You hear of so many people coming down with various chest infections. I’ve never seen anything like it.

This has nothing directly to do with covid stuff, or whether you’re jabbed or unjabbed. These chest infections seem to go right across the board?

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What type are you using? I’ve increased my dose considerably but not to the extent you suggest…I’m so fatigued…(lost the weight above my BMI max though -wasn’t too bad but certainly below threshold now-, I was also recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis…bad podiatry responsible, I may sue). I remain unjabbed…

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I use sodium ascorbate in crystalline powder form: virtually tasteless, no sharp taste of ascorbic acid; and it’s easy on the stomach. I only do these mega blasts when I’m feeling the first early tingles of a respiratory-illness attack (whateverTF its vector might be!). At other times, I just take stand-by doses of two one-gram slow-release tablets: one gram at morning, one at night.

Many of us are commonly in a state of sub-clinical scurvy because of the dearth of vit C in modern food, essential food-stuff as it is, which is why we need these prophylactic doses of slow-release C.

Summing it up broadly, from what I’ve picked up whilst studying vit C: if you ensure, as a matter of normality, that your regular intake is up far enough, it gives a marked, wide-acting boost to health and well-being, and to natural resistance to, and quick healing from, all the health challenges that life throws at us. You’re just a healthier person when your C level is high enough, consistently.

And I should point out again the there is no known lethal dose from C; and apart from a rare genetic disorder leading to the problem of haemochromatosis (qv), I’ve never heard of any bad side effects, even with big doses.

Lots of pioneering frontline doctors made widespread use of big-dose C, including intravenously, in the first half of last century, and reported their extraordinary successes with it. See Andrew Saul’s ‘Doctoryourself.com’ website for detailed resumes.

Hi guys! Over two weeks of miserable shit but I am recovering, mostly just fatigued now, saw the doc who thinks it was flu not pneumonia (although I had all the symptoms), my BMI is now below maximum safe (slightly above before), and I have not resorted to antibiotics and been taking at least 3000mg of high quality vit-c nearly every day (plus a famous Swiss cultured yeast product with vit-c and some soya cultures with vit-c). Kicked the docs up the arse and they’re being more proactive now. I’m not out of the woods yet, however, with better weather (“Hey when? That was the equinox you know!”), I should be out and about again (despite my osteoarthritis -I swear I’m gonna’ ******** anyhoo who knows from doctors*?-).
Ready to kick some more ass over this depleted uranium shit we’re all being made to swallow. See today’s new post.
I remain un-jabbed.

*Use main central “Jin Shin” etc. How are you going with that Rhisiart?

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