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Just received another message from 'Reprieve' -

I know I’m throwing the cat back amongst the pigeons with this post, but needs must…

The message from Reprieve asks for us to send messages of sympathy and support this Mother’s Day for young mothers trapped in the camps in NSyria, British citizens in each case, who - as a cross-party group of Brit MPs reports - were almost all groomed, coerced and trafficked to Syria when they were themselves teenage kids; there to be used as comfort women for the Islamic terrorists, with the inevitable birth - and frequent subsequent deaths - of children; all this before they turned thirty. A bloody terrible experience to fall into…

It seems to me that these women can’t be held strictly responsible for the bad things that they were rail-roaded into getting involved in, whilst still lost in the foolishness-mist of youth; that as British born-and-reared children themselves, their authentic home is here; and that any magnanimous heart has a duty to support their right of return here, together with their surviving children.

I don’t see how compassionate people can fairly think otherwise. We would support and help the rehabilitation and healing of women who, as young teens, had been lured into the porn trade; so why not young teens who have been similarly abused by other actors?

Below is a copy of a message I sent, following Reprieve’s request. Maybe others here would care to do likewise; and apologies if I’ve upset anyone with passionate views on the other side of the issue. I know these young women may have said, and even done, some bad things. But in the end, forgiveness and reconciliation are always the best. As the last lines of Prospero’s Epilogue at the end of ‘The Tempest’ puts it: “As you from crimes would pardoned be / Let your indulgence set me [them!] free!”:


Dear fellow Brits - dear ladies!

Greetings to you and your children on Mother’s Day! Please be aware that there are plenty of your fellow Brits here in Britain who know of your bad situation, and who support your right to come home to Britain, bringing your - welcome - children with you, of course; here to be naturalised as British citizens also.

We will continue to support you in this, and we think of your plight, and wish you well at all times. Stay strong, good ladies! Life for you and yours will get better. Solidarity!

Yours, Rhisiart Gwilym



@RhisiartGwilym A very kind message from you. However, I feel a response to Reprieve would also be in order.

I am pretty dam sure that those ‘camps’ that these women are trapped in, are ISIS (or one of their renamed cohorts) camps. Of course Usukisnato funded, armed and encouraged by our government amongst others. So in fact they are practically our prisoners and if the Foreign Office saw fit, they could probably be on the next plane home. How about a Reprieve letter to the Mandarins in Victoria or wherever?


Someone should surely do that, Pat. I wonder, though, whether Reprieve would prefer to keep its nose clean by not referring to taboo issues…? A captured ‘NGO’ yet…?

I regard the whole Shamima hysteria as a handy distraction and shit-stirrer amongst we onlooking plebs, since the manipulators know that the matter can easily stir up strong opositional feelings amongst the Brits, and - with the help of mediawhores whooping on the dissension, of course - the whole non-issue can be blown up into a splendid distractor and energy-waster for us-all.

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Their Annual Report avoids this, so far as I could see, and says that the detainees are at risk of being moved to “Iran or Assad-controlled Syria where…” (bad bad things could happen). As far as I’m aware Syria is a democratic republic with a legitimate head of state, who has partially been usurped by USA and Turkey (principally). So Reprieve’s choice of language here is not helpful. (Sir Humphreyism)

I agree with Pat that making representations to the mandarins might be a constructive signal of their genuine intent. However, Reprieve receive Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office funding (and the EC). (Link to PDF, refer to page 29.)

Caveat: I really don’t trust any NGOs to be absolutely blunt. Can’t see any reason why this one should be exempt.