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"Just Enough Plandemic – Something is up. Unraveling the Covid narrative." The book that never existed on the Web!


“Just Enough Plandemic – Something is up. Unraveling the Covid narrative.” Gil Crest, Ed.

According to all the besmirch engines I can find, this book does not exist on the Net.
I came across it by accident in the “hacker’s library" - interestingly it is dated 2022 and ironically is about the modern power of censorship in relation to Covid.

The written word is no longer something that the finger creates and can never be changed or washed away. It has become a digital word that depends for its existence on the whims of algorithm writers – some digits in the wrong place can mean words are consigned to some powerful black hole that sucks away not only the existence of the words but their creation in the first place. No matter how long you go ogle the Web you will never find these words in the way they were expressed by the author.

This is 21st century censorship and propaganda - the words were never created amongst the forest of words if they were never read or heard, they never existed.

I have yet to read this – but its absence from the digital world travelled by most people makes it a book I will read for once! Here’s the blurb :

“There has come to be a flood of books, interviews and blogs,
purported be-all, end-all sources of this and that kind of medical
advice about Covid-19 by quite a variety of “authorities” with
advice adrift in a sea of opinion journalism. From time-to-time a
courageous whistle-blower or world-class spokesperson appears
with a gem that needs to be heard but is deeply buried in the
debris. This reader collection was compiled as a remedy.
It is not designed to parrot the narrative promoted by official
sources, but to let the kind of deplatformed notable evidencal
content emerge under one roof so to speak. We live in an
intolerant era where views independent of politically promoted
narratives lead to all manner of smears, career endangerment,
threats and other harassment.
The public is largely unaware that medical education, the UN,
the AMA, the FDA and the CDC are largely controlled by Big
Pharma in conjunction with the Rockefeller Foundation as
described in Revolving Door Lobbying by Timothy LaPira. Three
former FDA Commissioners
now work for vaccine companies, Do you suppose they might
have had to take a cut in pay? You don’t suppose they were great
pals beforehand, do you?
Recent threats to doctors that lead to them breaking their oaths
and not treating their patients compassionately, sometimes not
treating them at all have resulted in a growing band of Freedom
Doctors. Traditional doctors seem to have forgotten that offlabel usage of drugs falls under their discretionary powers.
Stakeholder money, globalist shills, and Chinese influence
controls the MSM narrative and public perception. It discourages
discussion of the fact that the flu is a treatable disease and that
early treatment saves lives and greatly limits the need for or
desirability of defective, inadequately tested and risky vaccines
which are making a few wealthy men even wealthier and healthy
people into cripples and corpses. Follow the money, who profits
most by a needle in every arm?”

“It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening.”