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Jonathan Cook on the complicity of UK politicians with the mass slaughter by Israel of Palestinian innocents

An article that I believe everyone needs to read before they vote next week:


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A shame it won’t be read more widely.

My current electoral seat is 58% likely to turn Labour, much to my surprise. The seat I’m moving to is 97% likely to vote Labour (new seat). The North East “Red Wall” won’t be crumbling this time (NW also).

Much as I despise Starmer, seeing the Cons get pummeled will be massively satisfying.

Alas, none of this will affect Israel and the region. Even if zombie Bribe’em is gently led away to the Ben And Jerry’s soft and creamy institute, chances are the insanity will continue.


Hi @KarenEliot , there’s a chance for some to upset the apple cart - here’s a longshot ( but odds are improving):
Andrew Feinstein:

It’s nice to dream a bit! :grinning:



I was surprised to see this:

S.Korea slaps 7 top IOF officials with ‘crimes against humanity’ suit


With Cameron having been booted into the Lords I’d guess Labour would do the same for Queef. Who would make that decision is the interesting bit. Cue Angela Rayner versus a cucumber on the front pages?

The headline is certainly provocative but the article neglects to explain who this group is.

Good to see it’s not just Israel and the Five Eyes using NGOs.

Hi @KarenEliot, he will be an MP and PM or a Lord that is just a cabinet minister like Cameron - I think it is a settled convention that a member of the Lords will no longer be appointed Prime Minister - Lord Salisbury was the last Prime Minister to hold the office running the post from the House of Lords which ended in 1902.


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Hi @CJ1

So at the time of that article Feinstein had 25/1 odds at best.

That’s still moving in his favour. Here’s the latest