Joe Cremola publishes latest evidence that the poison-stabs are WORSE than useless. (PDF)

Joe has also now set up his forced-censorship library, so that you can access once again all the items you may have missed, that he’s been - as he says - forced by threats to take down after two days on his main website. All the futile censorship defeated! :rofl:

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The PDF exposes the exact line of whataboutery that the zero covid zealots are pushing with. Even ‘mild’ illnesses can have lingering effects that can be debilitating. But that was always the case. It sucks. life is risky, and finite.

Earlier this week I spoke, via video call, to a colleague who has been working from home since the first UK lockdown. There has clearly been some damage to her vocal cords, for example. At this individual/anecdotal level my heart goes out to her and I will support her as best I can.

That is something entirely separate from the ‘ideological’ position that these examples should dictate policy for everyone else. Threatening to go on strike if everybody doesn’t care for another to the nth degree by wearing crash helmets at all times is ultimately a weak and unsustainable position. But the Trump-deranged persist, for a while longer.

An analogy I’ve heard is that buildings should be accessible by design and that resisting adaptations such as ramps is discriminatory.

Indeed. Other than economic costs no one is inconvenienced for very long if a ramp is installed.

if facemasks reduce risks for everyone then that makes public life more accessible too. Surely? If medical treatments reduce infection rates then, surely, the same logic applies? And so on. Enough already.

“If facemasks reduce risks…” You got some new information about that, K. I thought the actual real science concludes the opposite. Waddya know?

I gather there’s some or other research suggesting N95 masks might be more effective than mere cloth masks and maybe everyone should wear those. My suspicion is that the words “more” and “effective” should be treated with the same healthy criticality as one would react to the Lotto slogan of yore “It could be you”.

Not untrue. Just not very likely. There’s worse ways of spending your shrapnel though.