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James Corbett remembers Dr. Tim Ball. Includes a lot of interesting climatey stuff

My only slight caveat regards the very final clip of Tim, where he demonstrates that weird NAmerican confusion between socialism and government regulation. Both baaaad! apparently. That apart, I’d say his credibility stands up well; and he too is one of the informed professionals who doesn’t believe in any catastrophic anthropogenic climate emergency…

I should add in here the nuance, as laid out by JMGreer, that you don’t have to be either a malthusian or a eugenicist simply to notice the objective reality of the current human population-overshoot episode, and to conclude that such an episode is bound to create substantive perturbations in the superficial surface conditions of life on Earth, as overshoot events always do. But this is orders of magnitude below the threshold where human activities begin to eclipse the hugely-larger effects of ancient, constantly-cycling cosmic gyrations on the Earth’s climate. And overshoots are self-correcting, which is just as well, since clearly we’re not going to do anything effectual about ours (not enough - real - socialism! :slight_smile: ):