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I've earned a medal! Censored by b! (LOL)

I posted a comment briefing my own encounters with the covid-flu, and about what a breeze it’s been, because of my diy self-treatments. But bernhard, as some might have sussed, has as one of his very own blind spots, a fervent belief in the reality of the mass-killing covid ‘pandemic’ - as opposed to the real, IFR=0.5% flill* scamdemic.

So, (laugh? I’m pissing myself!) he starts a thread on that subject, and then goes silently through the comments and - without saying anything - deletes those which offend his blind spot. Shame. b is mostly ultra-savvy, and well worth following. I shall continue to do so, but I shall wear my deletion as a badge of honour in the service of truth-denied in favour of mass-formation delusions - even by the savviest…

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!” :rofl:

*A recent coinage, since the covid pathogen - apparently having been gofmanipulated in some way by the massed mengeles - doesn’t seem to behave always like a common flu; hence ‘flu-like ill’ - or flill. :innocent:

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PS: I think what drove bernhard off his trolley monentarily was that I included at the end of my post a request, which I may as well repeat here, for any information that anyone might have about where in the world - anywhere at all - I might find an authentic sample of the alleged covid virus; you know, something physical, in an ignition-tube, not just someone’s GIGO computer illusion. And I was requesting too that this should be something which had been taken from a sufferer, and had gone through Koch’s Postulates, to prove that it was indeed the genuine infection vector.

Seems a reasonable enough request; but oh! it did get at least one troobleever spitting feathers! :rofl:


Just posted the comment copied below to the current MoA thread on covid; to see whether b will (silently) censor this too, or whether his attention has moved on by now. BTW, if anyone here can answer my request for information, I’d be glad to know! :slight_smile:


Having had my previous request censored by b, I’ll make it again - and see how long it remains up this time:

Can anyone point me towards an authentic source - anywhere in the world - where I can get an actually authentic sample - a real physical sample in a vial, not a fantasised GIGO computer-wraith - of covid19 virus, please?

Genuinely purified, put through Koch’s Postulates, and proven to be the real thing, the authenticated pathogen that causes the illness? Anyone know of anywhere that such a thing can be found. Lot’s of claims, of course; but all without substance when examined.

And whilst we’re at it, can anyone explain why an illness with an Infection Fatality Rate of 0.5% can be claimed to have killed millions, in the US alone? Or is that IFR just another piece of fakery?

Posted just after 6 PM British Summer Time, Sunday 10th July 22. Over to you, b! :slight_smile:


I think you’re being a bit dismissive of the thousands of people currently in hospital with Covid.

Some people do ok with covid, and others don’t. It’s a nightmare for the family members of those who struggle with (and die from, of course) the disease.



I know, P. Especially considering your experience. But that IFR seems to be real, doesn’t it? Widely quoted, anyway.

Everyone in hospital feeling deathly, and their terrified families, deserves compassion and solidarity. All of that goes without saying. It’s dreadful for everyone, whatever the disease they have. I can’t but concur with that.

The fact remains, though, that - though there does indeed seem to be a horrible and rather mysterious flill on the loose - there’s something very fishy - and, it seems, highly criminal - going on with the covid scam and especially with the dreadful injection racket. The mad indifference to that aspect of this crisis, due I suppose to the good-sense-trashing effect of mass formation, has to be opposed. As Mattias Desmet points out, past experience makes it clear that the active opposition of those not drawn into the mass is vital for helping it to dissolve.

Can’t just ignore it, stay silent, and go along with the scam.

I also think that, with the massive avalanche of corruption we’re witnessing right now, right across the West at least, it means that - really - we just can’t be confident about any large scale general picture of what’s really going on, and just how bad it is, overall. It’s just inescapable that ALL alleged information has to be treated with great scepticism, apart from first-person direct anecdotal testimony - such as your own dreadful tragedy… And - for another example - Doctor dan’s awful near-death struggle in 2020. Obviously real enough in those cases.

I would never belittle the genuine terror, suffering and grief caused by sickness, that people have to go through. But at the same time this scam has to be outed and stopped. And that current seems to me to be running. Can’t stop now!

But all that said, sympathy and condolences for you - and for all who are genuinely going through it right now; whatever the ill may be. :anguished:

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Agreed. However, coupled with the sympathy, should be complete outrage and anger at those responsible for certainly most (if not all of the deaths). Those who deliberately suppressed the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin should go to the gallows. They should be proceeded by those who pushed Remdesivir; a drug so dangerous it was withdrawn from the initial trial and those that dictated health policy which has decimated the NHS and is on the verge of destroying the French medical system. Not to forget those who benefited from payments for intubation. These groups should be followed by the money men who funded it all and the doctors that made it happen.

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Oh, I do feel plenty of outrage for precisely the reasons you state here, Pat. It’s been a monstrous crime in my view. Personally I would advocate prison over gallows but other than that I agree.



Thanks. Compassion is key, I think My only point is that we should try not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Many people died and many thousand are still sick. There was, and is a public health problem out there. This isn’t something to be ignored during whatever discussion is happening about corruption etc.

Regarding IFR etc, it’s a tricky question (like a great many other stats questions around covid) how much the IFR has been reduced by the use of the vaccines. Its also the case that the virus has evolved into a slightly less dangerous version. Theres no reason why it couldn’t further evolve into a slightly more dangerous version. And the vaccines have shown themselves to have a great deal of problems.

This whole issue deserves continued careful study and a great deal of respect. Much like climate change, the solution isn’t to argue that its not a problem.

Finally, IFR, isn’t the whole story by a long shot. The laundry list of other long term effects that even somewhat mild covid can cause continues to grow. This disease has far more long term ramifications than the flu, and we are now seeing 10s of thousands of people with long term chronic illness. Repeated infection seems to be particularly bad - cumulatively attacking and destroying parts of our immune system.

(Incidentally, this just proves that there is no such thing as herd immunity to this virus. Something that I’ve been saying here on 5F consistently now for at least 2 years.)

Anyhow. I’ll leave it there. I can understand your scepticism about the official line with covid - fair enough, it stinks - but it’s worth remembering that this can be a very serious illness for many people and that isn’t something to just be dismissed. There really was, and there really still is, a pandemic happening.



Hi @PontiusPrimate Glad to see we agree on something at last. :wink:

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Prison or Gallows?

Turning as ever to Chomsky for understanding of these deep problems, he would probably say they should voluntarily go to the gallows themselves.

P, you seem to have a source of absolutely reliable facts - at least according to what you write here. But none of those assertions seem like reliably-established facts to me.

We just have to face the key question: how do any of us, sitting within our small circles of direct Dunbar-Number face-to-face acquaintance, get to know with certainty that any of the information we pick up from the wider, outwith-Dunbar world is reliable? And how do we assign reliability ratings, 1 - 100, to what we hear.

Trying to navigate through all this flood of assertion, with those caveats always in the back of the mind, I simply don’t know anything much on which I’d stake my great-grand-chldren’s lives. None of it is wholly trustworthy. And in the end, you only have the signals of your intuitive nose to guide you.

For this reason, I can’t necessarily accept as reliable ANY of the outwith-Dunbar assertions which you offer. (Naturally, I accept your own - anguished - experience within your own Dunbar group as authentic; just as I accept Dr. dan’s testimony on his own long-covid battle. But those don’t justify the leap from single direct experience to clear large-scale statistical trends, do they? Those, we just don’t know; not with any life-staking confidence.)

Paradoxically, these days it’s our own anecdotals which are now best evidence; even though anecdotals are generally reckoned to be - at best - just secondary support evidence to the hard-fact experimental and statistical evidence. When you can actually trust any of them, that is…

Excruciating though I know it is, I fear we just have to live with the situation that we’re now in a time when powerful forces of epidemic corruption and organised lying have now made ALL outwith-Dunbar assertions inherently untrustable. We just can’t trust ANY of it. Basing any line, at all, of fully-assured certainty on it is just asking to be conned…

Sorry to keep disputing with you on this, P, but I think this blanket scepticism is now unavoidable. But brotherly solidarity in any case. :slight_smile:

With a jab every month.


No, no, L! That seems as if it would be a certain death sentence. See the Steve Kirsch thread which I just started. The poison-stabs appear to be killing far more than the c-flu; even though - yes - the c-flu is probably real, and probably quite a bit nastier in many of its aspects than average flus. It’s a flill: a flu-like ill. I’d put a fair bit of money on that. It’s real enough; but nothing like we’ve been conned into believing. Nor do we really know how - or where - it got started. (Fort Detrick is my favourite, with the current Russian MOD allegations about Pentagon shenanigans in their mengelabs in the Ukraine adding yet more to the good odds…)


How the mighty have fallen.


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Lol! The truth is that we agree on more than we disagree on. I would do well to remember that…

I’ll try harder


My way through this hasn’t really changed. I pay attention to what the data is saying. I read the latest research pieces, I follow up the links, I listen to a wide range of medical specialists. I run my own simulations, and I cross compare with what I hear from my own circles.

Basic research really.

There is a lot of data out there. You start seeing several independent confirmations and you start to pay attention.

The trick is not to retreat into a Kantian perspective about noumena vs phenomena but to follow the scientific method of investigation where we can, and draw whatever inferences seem supported by the data.

It doesn’t mean I’m right. Its just my process


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Plus statements like this one require a lot more in the way of evidence than I’ve seen so far…

This is a perfect example of confidently asserting something which probably wrong.


Crucially, the jabs are killing people at an alarming rate - and doing other damage that undoubtedly impacts negatively on the lives of jabees.

Recall, the UK gov itself downgraded CI9 from HCID status on account of the ‘low overall mortality rate’ - that was in March 2020!! Everything to do with C19 thereafter is criminal activity.

And a question is rather loudly begged: ‘why the fuck have they been dementedly jabbing everything that moves’?

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I don’t want to go back over old territory, but as far as I understand it, a mortality rate of just 1% for a virus with an R number as high as covid is a disaster. A mortality rate higher than that is a catastrophe for the NHS.

In western europe we were pretty damn close to 1%. These days it’s less, in part due to the protective effects of the vaccinations.

Perhaps. I’ve yet to see convincing evidence that this is the case. Speaking personally, I haven’t heard of a single person who’s died from a vaccination, but I know several who have died from covid. The death rates don’t seem very comparable to me.

But then I could be very wrong, of course. Time will tell.


Can I respectfully suggest you read about the US department of defense data base of adverse events. Or maybe subscribe to Jessica Rose’s substack. Or even look at the UK’s Yellow Card scheme or the US’s VAERS (both of which are widely accepted to be a fraction of the actual events), with say myocarditis of young men. Finally, perhaps try and explain the sudden death of over 700 (at the last count) professional athletes just dropping dead.

Now I understand the difference between correlation and causality, but unless there is a sensible alternative, Occam’s razor applies.

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