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iSAGE - not so independent

Confused? You are supposed to be.
And ‘spooked’ :wink:
You need to be wearing a mask to read this - so your jaw can safely drop.
Here’s the bit in the middle

" Public disorientation was compounded by the fact that several members of SAGE also moonlighted as iSAGE experts. Take the example of Susan Michie, a left-wing political activist and self-styled “behavioural change” expert who served with both iSAGE and SAGE, advising the secretive governmental SPI-B council of behavioral psychologists that fear-mongered the public into compliance with official pandemic policy. Media reports on Michie almost universally referred to her simply as a “SAGE scientist,” creating the impression that her comments represented the British government’s official position.

Michie became a symbol of iSAGE’s advocacy for a permanent biomedical security state. During a June 2021 interview, she argued that social distancing and mask mandates should “continue forever.”

Susan Michie says we will need to wear masks and socially distance from our fellow human beings ‘for ever’. Remember she is a member of SAGE and ‘Independent’ SAGE. https://twitter.com/5_news/status/1402682447586811913

— Neil Clark (@NeilClark66) June 10, 2021

At no point did the mainstream British media acknowledge that Michie’s background did not necessarily qualify her to recommend policy for a public health crisis. Rather, a clinical psychologist represented precisely the type of character who could be called upon to manipulate the public into accepting extreme lockdowns.

Michie was not the only iSAGE representative that news outlets presented as a “scientist” despite an apparent lack of relevant credentials in epidemiology, virology, or public health management. Another long-time media favorite was iSAGE mathematician Christina Pagel, who was promoted as a credible expert despite her routinely misreading and misrepresenting data.

On the flip side, mainstream media wrongly characterized members of iSAGE who were not part of SAGE as representatives of the latter on numerous occasions. Similarly, the press erroneously presented iSAGE recommendations as official SAGE advice more than once.

In May 2020, Labour party deputy leader Angela Rayner mistakenly declared that SAGE had warned against the planned June 1st reopening of schools as “too soon,” implying the British government was recklessly discounting recommendations from its own in-house scientific advisors. She was in fact referring to a report produced by iSAGE, not SAGE.

Conversely, SAGE’s own research cautioned that blanket school closures would result in children experiencing “a shock to their education which will persist and affect their educational and work outcomes for the rest of their lives.” It predicted that extended periods of home learning would gravely deepen inequalities between pupils and leave early-stage learning and behavioral disorders undetected.

As scheduled, England began to reopen schools in September 2020, although they were shut down once again that December. Independent SAGE representatives then steadfastly opposed mass reopenings in Spring 2021, and regularly criticised the move for months thereafter.

In October that year, a United Nations report concluded countless children worldwide had been harshly impacted emotionally and psychologically by school closures, leading to greatly increased “fear and stress, anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, inattention” as well as “irregular physical activity and sleep patterns.” A total confirmation of SAGE’s initial warnings against blanket school closures.

The UN’s withering judgement may explain why iSAGE representatives have since deleted social media posts in which they aggressively advocated for keeping children out of classrooms until COVID-19 was completely eradicated. Still, some evidence of their advocacy remains extant today, including a July 2020 livestream on mask mandates billed as a “public consultation.”

“I don’t believe schools should be opened until we’ve approached Zero COVID. This is a big challenge,” David King declared in that discussion. “It means, over to the government, ‘please lock us down, manage the disease, bring it right down to roughly a level of one in a million people,’ and we’ll manage to open schools much more safely.”

Not-so-Independent SAGE riddled with conflicts of interest

It was not until July 2021 the British media began probing into the scientific collective with any critical scrutiny. That month, The Daily Telegraph revealed a shadowy outfit called The Citizens was responsible for establishing iSAGE.

The Citizens was itself led by Carole Cadwalladr, the Russia-obsessed Guardian columnist who won a series of high profile awards for reporting claiming the data firm SCL-Cambridge Analytica served as a channel for Russian meddling in the Brexit vote. As Alex Rubinstein reported for The Grayzone, Cadwalladr’s reporting was comprehensively discredited by a 2020 British parliamentary report that found no evidence whatsoever of Russian involvement in Brexit.

Not the first time Facebook has had a fake whistleblower! https://thegrayzone.com/2020/11/02/huckster-hack-uk-govt-report-undermines-stars-of-cambridge-analytica-russiagate/

— Alex Rubinstein (@RealAlexRubi) October 6, 2021

In response to the revelation that The Citizens had spawned iSAGE, Cadwalladr insisted The Citizens’ connection to the group had been publicly stated on iSAGE’s website since its launch. Though her claim was technically accurate, the link had never been acknowledged in media appearances by iSAGE members, let alone by Cadwalladr herself. What’s more, the relevant passage on iSAGE’s website merely refers to The Citizens as a “small support team…helping Independent SAGE with its public events and media activities.”

The journalist-run, intelligence-linked operation that warped British pandemic policy

Kit Klarenberg


It is often hard to bear witness to all this.

I’ll just say the oft mentioned cliche: all of us were born to be here during this precise moment in space and time, which is probably the biggest moment in human history.

We are here to keep the dark energies at bay.


It is a big moment.
The idea that something … just happened is contradicted everywhere you lift the veil. A group that people looked to for independence - iSAGE’s main selling point - whose main function was to usurp and even doppelgang the official group when its recommendations were not harsh enough.
According to Chomsky, the use of media as fake opposition to limit the spectrum of thought and discussion is a development that Orwell would be impressed by; but this is a stage further, with the fake opposition itself pullng the narrative along by its extremes. The presence of behavioural psychologists in these groups is revealing. Michie’s left wing credentials - which should make her a natural political enemy of our right wing government and opposition - should help dispel the notion that opposition to the narrative is a right wing thing.


Quite! She was laughing when she said it! No matter which way you slice it, it was no laughing matter - it was supposedly a deadly matter and one wouldn’t have expected a genuine ‘expert’ to find scope for levity in it.

Speaking in Nov 2020 David King said:

*This country has already lost, unnecessarily, at least 46,000 lives as a result of unbelievably bad decision-making by the government. There was no understanding of the scale of this pandemic. The prime minister missed the first five meetings of the emergency Cobra committee. DK Q&A

No! Those 46,000 lives - mostly ‘care home’ residents, many of whom were kicked-out of hospitals - were necessary deaths - necessary for the gvt puppets to crank-up the fear and pile on the restrictions - it was entirely sensible ‘decision-making’ when you understand the nefarious business that was afoot. And King is wrong about the gvt’s ‘understanding of the scale of this pandemic’ - - as we have seen before, their advice was clear…

…and it seems clear here that is wasn’t the severity of the illness that was killing all those older folk, rather it was the murderous protocols and sadistic DNRs being slapped on those unfortunate victims of the psychopathic system.


On that subject, anyone know what happened to The Bernician who did a lot of good investigative journalism on the whole care home / Midazolam scandal?

Not heard from him for a while - maybe a year back on Delingpod.

I seen to recall him indicating that his card was marked…hope he’s ok!

I wondered the same. There’s an April 2022 post here but I really only skimmed through it. Seems like it got bogged down and might not have been unbogged [yet].