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Irish referendum to 'modernise constitution'

Dreamed up by the Green Party, Irish voters have been invited to decide if their Constitution needs to be modernised to remove words like ‘mother’ and ‘woman’.

Though she takes quite a while to mention this I suggest persevering with this OffGuardian piece authored by Sinead Murphy. She was a constant critic of all aspects of the cronyvirus scam, unusual in itself in academia, and has consistently argued against the larger scam that it was/is a part of.

I commented there (several times, one example follows)



Mar 9, 2024 1:23 PM

Reply to Alpine Observer

“Human cultures throughout history have been the milieux of men and women, not of biological males and females. Human cultures, for this reason, cannot be sexist. To interpret them as sexist is to unsettle their foundations by obscuring the mode of being of their people.

It is biologically inescapable that males with good hunter genes tended to be good at bringing home big feasts of meat, growing strong and mating with the healthiest females, and thus tending to father more strong, healthy, successful hunters and prime females. The less fit didn’t make it into the gene pool to the same extent. Cultural roles based on a sensible division of labour flowed from these sources.
In a land blessed with many native crops, fruits, etc perhaps less hunting was needed to sustain life and the females picked up a spear too, creating a different cultural idea of men, and women. The latter still birthed those sturdy children though.

Inherited wealth (which can be hoarded in ways that meat cannot) and success at taking more than you need, obscure all this in the hegemonic culture of the present day, having spooled forward many many generations.

But culture cannot fully obfuscate all this biology. Yes: Irishmen and Irishwomen, are similar to but not the same as Northumbrian men and the women of Wessex (for example). Striking out the ‘biological’ nouns is to step too far outside of the biological world. Determinism feels more honest and real than the clever trick of the technocratic transhumanist agenda. Erasing biology and substituting symbols and algorithms cannot fully succeed unless all men and women are rendered sterile . . . see PD James’s Children Of Men for a vision of that world.

It looks fairly positive in the sense that the Referendum results are likely to be No.

Kit Knightly wrote well on the referendum the next day:

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Yes, I saw that subsequent to my post, and it was a really good companion piece to Sinead.

The result…