Irish man sunbathing on Australian beach successfully challenges tyrannical officers

Common Law 1 - Statute Law 0

The Australian Goverment’s Public Health Order does NOT supersede Common Law.

As I’m still a British citizen, I wonder if my nationality would serve such a purpose. This Irishman doesn’t make a point of that - though perhaps if pressed further… The cop is pretty reasonable in fact, though on ridiculously thin ground trying to argue that “it’s not a point of law - I just want your identity documents”

I just heard this morning that South Australia is trying home quarantine, and will be using facial identification to make sure people stay at home - from police drones perhaps. Meanwhile in the W Suburbs of Sydney, still under 9pm-5am curfew, police helicopters fly low over houses at 2 or 3 in the morning, terrifying residents, many of whom have middle eastern or refugee origins.

Remember that ad campaign,with the lovely Aussie girl on the deserted beach saying “where the bloody hell are you?” Now it’s “why the bloody hell did you come here?”

I wonder if there has been a case, anywhere in the world, where someone is sure they caught COVID on a beach? No self-respecting virus would go there as the environment is lethal, with UV, Ozone, salt and chlorine, and fresh air.


Yikes. Those cops really are brave huh.

It was a shame the fella chose to emphasise that he was an “Irish White person”, but I did enjoy the bloke with the surfboard in the background. He was clearly having that internal debate about whether or not it was essential.

The larger picture, of Aus as a totalitarian “hot spot”, to steal one of the police’s catchphrases, is very disturbing indeed. Helicopters would freak me out, there is something intrinsically threatening about those damn things.

I live in South-East London (perhaps significantly, not far from Belmarsh prison). The cops often used to buzz the area, often in the middle of the night. Although I have mixed feelings about the police (and the law) in general, that always made me swear aloud at the “pigs”. There are also Army helicopters. (The Arsenal is also nearby.) They are heavier, and even noisier; but they never stick around and fly in circles, like the cops. Both types of intrusion seem to have been a lot less frequent during the pandemic.

Hi Dimac,

My two friends in Melbourne - who’ve more or less bought into the official narative - are finding the helicopters intrusive and intimidating.

I just came across this evil cow - no idea who she is or what the “tranny” in the headline means?

In a SANE world with a Covid virus floating around - i.e. a world NOT run by criminals and eugenicist psychopaths - it would be considered TOTALLY essential for everyone to sunbathe as much as possible and governments would be actively encouraging people to pick up all that vitamin D!

I agree with you about helicopters Karen!