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Inventing a whole new science during the summer vacation

If you’ve not seen it before this is a SubStack that is always worth a look. The author’s scorn for The Academy is both righteous and well reasoned. This recent post looks at a pretend new academic field i2S…

“Post-normal science” - ? YCNMIU! And yet some coterie of twats-in-academe is doing just that, right now! With all the usual accompanying technospeak babble larding it about, of course. Just look at that self-description quoted!

I never thought in my youth that I would come to think that the push to get lots of kids into free tertiary education was a seriously bad idea; but I’m starting to think that way now.

This is the sort of thing that happens when the hordes of under- and un-employed technocrat drones sloshing about in the groves of academe search about for something droll to occupy their futility-ridden time…

I speak as one of the early working-class beneficiaries of this tertiary education push. Certainly it wasn’t all bad. But - ‘post-normal science’…? Really? :rofl:


Guilty as charged.

I was asked yesterday by a colleague to lend a hand with her “dead” laptop docking station. It turned out the power lead was not plugged in. On the wall was a large and complex grid made up of 6 sheets of A3 which, apparently, was a schema for all the toilets on the university campus. I didn’t ask, but fully expect that this will form the basis of a master plan for which ones will get which signs and the pink/white/blue flags. But hey: when you’re a middle manager in student well-being and there are no students attempting suicide for 13 weeks that leaves a lovely chunk of time for the important stuff.