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Fauci takes Vitamin D, at ten times the US govt recommendation

As in the the UK the US govt recommendation is set at a level (600 units, or 15 mcg a day) for maintaining bone health. The UK’s is lower, 400 units or 10 mcg.

But Vit D researchers make recommendations at which the entry level is something like 4000 units, or 1000mcg, a day, often more.

Trying to watch John Campbell - he writes in front of the screen a fair bit.
Right at the start of the video, he reveals Fauci’s reply to an email request from a Dr, and shows the brief exchange, which is from Sep 2020.

That’s when I noticed that these irritating banners that you keep trying to delete, are NHS/vaccine adverts.
You can’t get rid of them - if you close one the other immediately opens, showing links to government advice.
You can click Why Am I Seeing This, and it tells you that the subject of the video you’re watching is prone to Misinformation.
But as far as I could tell it stays on the screen.

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