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In case you watched the BBC Panorama "Road Wars: Neighborhood Traffic Chaos"

For the record, I haven’t watched any BBC ‘news’ or ‘documentaries’ for over 20 years. I’ll guess that most here will not need this explanation of 15 minute cities or any of the other climate friendly names they are using. However, maybe you have friends sitting on the fence or believing this is a good thing.

Well the anti-dote is this video. Long, but done with wry humour and even sarcasm, yet very clear explanations. Even for me, I learnt something new. Do you know what C2V or B2V technology is? It is simply the ability of new types of electric car charging stations to reverse the supply of energy. In other words, suck the life from your cars battery and feed it to ‘the grid’. Social credits anyone? Criticised the GIC’s and the next time you stop to ‘fill up’ your electric car, the battery is drained, perhaps until you have had a few days at a gulag re-education centre? I’m not kidding.


Forgive me if I can’t generate (ouch) much sympathy for typical Tesla owners.

I’m repeatedly seeing articles lately about how commercial real estate (CRE) is becoming loss-making in many cities (Washington DC was the subject of a ZeroHedge story today for example). On the one hand, this is a consequence of the trend towards working from home, but very likely also the result of greedy developers building too many of these properties in the first place. And a number of other factors come into play too.

Converting partly-empty buildings so that some parts can be used for retail spaces, and living spaces, would be a ‘solution’ that solves this ‘problem’ while helping the 15-minute city agenda to gather some steam.

Over a period of years, I can quite plausibly see even more of a shuffling of First World populations with younger suburbanites gravitating towards city centres, renting inevitably, and driving out local populations who move to cheaper more peripheral areas… As the ripples spread outward the most vulnerable end up in tent cities. San Francisco is a blatant example, but there are many others.

15 minute cities and the war on cars is all very much part of the Own Nothing And Be Happy, Everything As A Service, agenda. But this will be limited to Neoliberal Hubs I’m sure, with everyone else on the margins, patronised, economically squeezed, and lumped together as a Far-Right problem needing to be solved. A lot of the social engineering has been achieved already…

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I had a good chuckle when I heard this. I too, don’t have much (any) sympathy for Tesla owners or for that matter any electric car owners who claim their energy is ‘clean’!

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A good friend of mine has one, and he is fully on board with all the other things you’d expect a committed normie to also be on board with. For example, he told me I am “on the wrong side of history” for being a Putinista (not the term he used, I forget now). He still ‘likes’ my cat photos on faecesbook though.

Thanks for the post PatB, haven’t watched it yet but intend to.

There’s a short (10m) audio clip on this ITV page (the UK’s flagship dross channel) entitled “Why conspiracy theorists are comng for 15-minute cities”

The clip is only notable for its misleading headline; no conspiracies are actually mentioned, almost as if the headline was the purpose of the remarkably uninformative clip.

Conspiracy theories didn’t come into it until the last 2m and then only in passing. The presenter talked about “legitimate concerns” versus people “spouting” conspiracy theories. Probably a sign of things to come that the term “conspiracy theories” is the first thing they want us to think about, and that a media outlet took the opportunity to try to put a stamp on the debate even before any substance appears.

The clip appears on the above page but doesn’t seem to have it’s own link so may vanish (nothing lost there, probably saving electricity).