If at first you do no harm then try, try again - a telling tale fromTCW

Hi folks, ever wondered who can get an official exemption from the jab- it appears to be no-one over 5.



Never bother with ‘applying’ for the ‘privilege’ of an exemption by some authority or other. Simply operate your innate, non-negotiable personal right to tell them to sod off, and exempt yourself.

Since when did we have to get permission to exercise our inherent rights? We assert them, in arms from time to time, as necessary, and ‘authority’ complies, if it knows what’s good for it. The harder the conspirators and their craven, blind Deceived Influencers push this racket, the closer we’re driven to revolt, and if that happens it’s likely to be armed. Not a thing to recommend. But it’s what happens, as history illustrates.


I agree with the sentiments Rhis, but it’s a bit British. The decent chaps here don’t have to remove your right to bodliy autonomy - they can just make all the rest of your rights conditional on being jabbed, until you conform.

First Austria and now Italy:

Italy makes Covid vaccinations compulsory for over-50s

In Austria they plan to just start stealing your money at a thousand plus euros a month until you comply or are thrown in jail.
If you want to retain the right to refuse the jab, it could end up the only right that you have left - and they will still be able to say it wasn’t compulsory, it was your choice.


Somehow somehow we have to stop this fascist plague spreading, and must realise that we can. It simply isn’t possible to enforce such extraordinarily draconian and totally illegitimate demands and punishment on millions of people, and on the basis of a supposed threat from a virus that now barely exists, and against which the vaccines are practically useless. Half of the propaganda’s effect is gained by giving people the idea that they are in a tiny minority, that “everyone” is doing something and accepts the reason for it, when in fact there may be hardly anyone who really does accept it.
That’s partly why going to a large rally is so useful and inspiring, and why the PTB like to stop people rallying together.
As for the exemption, is no-one exploring and pushing for naturally acquired immunity to be counted as a “vaccine pass”, and if not why not. Given the relative failure of vaxes and the longevity of natural immunity, how can a case not be made for it. There are at least 30 or 40 million people in the UK who must have anti-CV19-bodies, half of whom have been duped into getting vaxed as well.

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consider too what will happen in a couple of months when, pending no other 'variant" popping up, the plague will have subsided and there will be no excuse for insisting on vaccination, with no virus and general immunity. Then the unvaxed will be allowed to slink back into society and take up their service roles again for the Vaccinati…

Funny you should say that:

Strongly supported demands, at the cost of narrowing the range - but includes


Possibly tactically astute, trying to weaken the assault…

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Robert Malone, at the end of that historic 3-hour Joe Rogan show, highlights a global rally at the last weekend of this month to resist injection mandates and passports:

This link only highlights the US rally, but Robert says on Joe’s show that it’s intended to be global in reach.

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Many thanks Evvy - a great statement that had no publicity… good to distribute to those who are now ignoring natural immunity and pushing to vax the little children…

Astonishing story.

The discourse in USA, still being steered by the demon Fauci, is to move away from the phrase “fully vaccinated” and instead to say “up to date”.

They really did mean it when they likened the mRNA shots to an operating system.

“Hey Maud, must have missed you at yesterday’s cribbage match”

“Yo Hagar, man I was up the clinic getting my update. I’m at Novavax v7.04”

“Cool beans. First on da block!”

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