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ICJ to deliver its judgement on the Israeli attack on Rafah

SA is continuing to put pressure on Israel. The judgement will be live-streamed here:

from 2:00pm UK time. I doubt it will be shown in any of the UK media.

Of course the ICJ has no way to enforce any of its judgements, and Israel has already said that they will continue to do what the hell they like regardless. Hopefully a fresh order from the court would allow pressure groups in Europe to continue to press their governments to stop supplying weapons to this horror show.


Israel ordered to halt military operations in Rafah and allow inspectors in to evaluate evidence of war crimes

Turns out the Guardian had a live feed after all.

As did Al Jazeera

Let’s hope human rights lawyers all over the world start pressing for an embargo on Israel now. And let’s hope the UNGA gets some teeth

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Thanks for the head’s up @admin - I listened to the decision on the requrest for a further amendment to the preliminary measures - just on memory of today’s proceedings I understand the ICJ has:

  1. ordered Israel to immediately cease all military operations in Rafah that endanger the life of anyone.
  2. ordered all previous preliminary measures made by the court in January and amended in March this year must be put into effect immediately
  3. the Rafah border must be immediately opened up to allow all necessary supplies for the people of Gaza
  4. Israel must report back within a month to show what it has done to implement these orders.
  5. Israel must allow unfettered access to Gaza to any commission of enquiry or other body authorised by any body in the UN to investigate the crime of genocide in Gaza.

The ICJ also expressed extreme concern that Hamas hasn’t released the hostages.

  • well done team RSA, yet again.

Maybe this was the reason our PM announced he was off in July!


PS the written decision is out:


Viner is a tiny hat


Fingers crossed the ZA General Election passes off peacefully this Wednesday. Doesn’t seem to have attracted much attention in UK, the focus being heavily on forcing UK and Euro leaders into the vanguard of Russophobic hatred. And they are naturals, who knew!!?

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