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I banned my first AI bot today

“Jackwilliam1” joined, got approved and made their first post in record time.

This was flagged by the system as suspiciously fast typing (didn’t know that check was even in the system).

Anyway. Turns out it was a way to add links to adverts in auto generated text that is vaguely related to the topic at hand.

Jackwilliam1 is no longer with us, but I thought it was an interesting little episode…

Cheers all


Well spotted : ) Any chance we have a squint at what was written?

I fully expect the AI bots to get harder and harder to spot. This was easy. A nice practice run :wink:

It’s the last post (I think it’s still there) under the Biden’s Justice dept brings charges against Trump and Kennedy comes out as 100% Israeli supporter - UK Column thread

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It has a very “chat-gpt” feel to the whole thing

Nice work. Every now and then I have a play with the art-generator AI bots. More and more keep appearing but they all seem to have spoilsport modules. Attempts to juxtapose certain political figures with, say, a guillotine will simply return a portrait of the vile human but no apparatus.

I did manage to create this one though:



I think the AI stuff is a bit overrated - something I’ve banged on about many times.

There is no such thing as ‘artificial intelligence’. There are only very clever algorithms created by humans.

All these algorithms can only exist on digital devices, powered by electricity.

Pull the plug out of the socket, and no problem with AI.

It’s really that simple.

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