Huge silence about the obvious conclusion on Bojo and friends' partyings:

Two conclusions, in fact; one of less importance, which is that no-one in current Paedominster politics gave a - genuine - spit about Phillip Mountbatten dying. Just do the absolute minimum of going through the decorum motions when the cameras/mikes are on. Otherwise, ignore it.

The second conclusion is more important. It’s this: Everyone in the sort of circles that peopled those parties knows, or at the very least suspects, and sees that many others of their ilk are certain, that the covid pathogen - whateveritis - is nothing to worry about. Certainly no need to worry about it any more than we would about flu. Cummings was already demonstrating that when he drove up to the North, right at the launch of the scam in 2020, to see about some deal with a big corporate gangster; and - er - to get his minor health issue fixed by the only practitioner in South Britain who would do. Teeth or eyes, or some such.

For some time, people have been mentioning the straws in the wind which indicate that a lot of the gic-servitors in pocket-politics, in mediawhoring, and in tenuredivory/technocratia suspect or outright understand with certainty that the whole covid thing is a scam.

But they go along, because of careersworthery, because of fear of ejection from their status peer-groups, and because of outright fear of being killed if they get too much into key-dissident status - just as Mike Yeadon confesses that he worries about that. And of course to back up the threat of those sticks, there are nice big fat carrots for everyone who conforms. What would the average invertebrate comfysofty bourgeois careersworth of our time be expected to do? Especially if they’re amongst the thirty-percent of people who are naturally rather susceptible to hypnotic suggestion via constant media-shrieking…


Exactly! And of course, not to forget Neil “lock everyone down – we’re doomed” Ferguson not following his prescribed rules getting caught with his mistress. And all this happening near the beginning. I recall pointing this out at TLN but it was all “Boris bad, doesn’t care about your granny”.


I think most people have by now caught on that they´ve been had, the problem is how to deal with this realisation? Some stick their heads back in the sand, some pretend govt. policy will prove correct in the end, some are too proud to admit it and will vent their anger at the unvax´d, and a minority will vent their anger at the ptb. And as for the ptbs, in the US they seem to be winding down the restrictions, but Austria, and Germany, and Omacron of France seem to want to double down on restrictions and punish the unvax´d. Interesting times!


:rofl::joy::grin: at “Omacron”, that’s a cracker @Sanjeev