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Hug a baby and stand with us. (Will the cat do?)

My first grandchild, Nancy Rose, is coming up for three weeks old, still a bit fragile for much in the way of hugs bless her. Hence the subtitle in parentheses.

This is hate speech (if they can use that phrase so can we) all dressed up in pastel shades, complete with cute starfish plushies (but not octopi/octopuses like Mein Greta), rainbows, and rinky-dinky CBeebies muzak. Don’t click thru to the videos unless you have a cast-iron stomach lining.

Declassified UK were hungry for Covid propaganda and full-on Russophobes (as evidenced in the host publication Daily Maverick) so they can’t help using the approved framing:

On 7 October, Hamas militants attacked southern Israel and killed around [1,200](https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/11/10/israel-revises-death-toll-from-october-7-hamas-attack-to-1200-people) people, mostly civilians, according to official Israeli sources.

Corrected version: Hamas militia broke out of northern Gaza on 7 October. In the subsequent fighting around 1200 people died, according to official Israel sources. Israeli news source Haaretz provides the following breakdown for the identified individuals as of 15 November:



Congratulations, K x

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Yes from me as well, Karen Eliot.
I’m not sure what kind of world the newbies will growup in, but at least young Nancy R. will have interesting grandpeople :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh thank you, no credit to me. Second expected in April (my other son’s partner)

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