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How to End Hamas

Excellent again (7 mins).


Absolutely brilliant. I don’t know anything about this guy, but the videos you’re posting here, @rippon, are really good. Thanks

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He is totally gripping, I find.

What is so intriguing about this guy’s content and delivery is that he often has me laughing out loud.

It’s weird because he is talking about the most horrific stuff imaginable (e.g. a place where doctors are forced to amputate children with zero anesthetic).

I love stand-up comedy, which mostly focuses on analysing real life in such an unfiltered way that it causes hilarity in the audience through the blunt exposure of absurdities. He seems to me to be doing stand-up, but simply where the realities that he focuses on happen to be horrific (rather than, say, the absurdities of public transport).

And what makes it even more hilarious is that he has zero intention to amuse anyone; he is deadly serious.

Yes it’s a kind of stand-up logic comedy. He arrives at conclusions that are breathtaking.

He’s extremely lucid. Reminds me of Malcolm X.
Paraphrase: “No wonder there’s highest rates of mental health issues in the US. Because of the constant propaganda, which many still believe, they are told genocide is okay and protesting about it it terrorism.”
Who can put it better than that?

What a class act!
I’m sending it to my default-Israel-supporting evangelical Christian sad bastard brother. . .

It is another good one, but I do wish they’d limit the jump cuts every few seconds

So do I!

A great find - thanks for posting.