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Hoad's Wood; "The inaction and neglect by key local authorities/has contributed to the current state of Hoad’s Wood" (members might remember -see link-, I've inherited some of this land) #Petition

“It’s on Bethes-den road…any Kentish word with the “den” suffix denotes an area for piggies…!!”: New Camera - #23 by GKH

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Petition: "We are writing to urgently bring to your attention the critical environmental crisis unfolding in Hoad’s Wood, Ashford, Kent. This cherished area of outstanding natural beauty, designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), is currently facing a dire situation due to rampant illegal waste dumping. What was once a vibrant habitat for diverse species is now a desolate wasteland, with domestic waste strewn across a 4-acre area, in some places reaching depths of over 12 feet.

Despite previous warnings from the community dating back as far as 2015, the current catastrophe began escalating in July 2023 when community members reported observing 20-30 trucks a day, many unregistered, illegally disposing of waste in Hoad’s Wood. Despite these early alerts, a lack of prompt and effective intervention allowed the situation to deteriorate drastically into an environmental catastrophe.

The consequences of this negligence are profound. The accumulation of waste not only poses a significant threat to the area’s biodiversity, undermining the habitat of local and rare flora and fauna, but it also adversely affects the well-being of the nearby community. The environmental degradation and potential health hazards this situation presents are intolerable.

To rectify this crisis, we urge you to take immediate and decisive action. Allowing the Environment Agency (EA) to follow due process in prosecuting those responsible and, failing that, holding landlords accountable for clean-up, is not a solution that addresses the urgent environmental and the local communities’ needs" For full text go to: https://rescuehoadswood.org/ https://www.change.org/p/rescue-hoad-s-wood-clean-up-illegally-dumped-landfill-waste-now?utm_medium=custom_url&utm_source=share_petition&recruited_by_id=9ae6e8e0-cf0e-11ee-850e-838b51260bf5


Feed 'em to the pigs Errol

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Oink! Spoke to Mark from Rescue Hoad’s Wood on the phone; see for vids. of the illegal dumping: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12946943/Moment-lorry-no-number-plates-arrives-Hoads-Wood-fly-tipping-spot-locals-furious-12ft-mountain.html

Rescue Hoads Meeting 15th March Bethesden Hall.

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As disgusting as this is, it really is back to lack of (I hate to use it but Tony Bliars phrase), joined up government and local authority thinking.

In some parts of France including the region I live in, ‘dumps’ are free. One can take anything there including things classed as toxic. There is no charge and no appointment needed to do this. There are notional limits on frequency of visits and amount per visit, but they are not enforced. Fly tipping is unheard of. An adjoining region having introduced limits on quantity and frequency of visits verified by use of a smart card, has a serious fly tipping problem. This has only arisen since the introduction of these limits. QED!

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This isn’t fly-tipping though check the vids. (see links), what this is is local councils being prepared not to ask too many questions if they are presented with cheaper quotes for waste disposal/management. There is apparently evidence that the waste has come from other counties and authorities. Mark (who runs the Rescue Hoad’s Wood show), told me that there have been similar instances (Isle of Sheppey), which would seem to have occurred as a result of the activities of the same firm.

Also Mark told me this (I didn’t know); "The killer, 48, allowed his two young children to play in Hoads Wood, days after he burned the marketing executive’s body in a refrigerator in the very same spot": https://metro.co.uk/2021/09/29/sarah-everard-wayne-couzens-took-kids-to-woods-where-he-burned-her-body-15336630/ and that he had seen the smoke from her “cremation” himself and reported it.


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“Gotta love the Met kiddies!” #OperationSwalcliffe

Play the system at its own game.

You say you own part of the land? Then seal the entrances legally with large boulders. Don’t own the land? Then do what the fly tippers are doing except for once it’ll be for the greater good. Huge rocks are the solution. Council is unlikely to pay for them to be removed so problems should disappear.


I don’t own the transport to get there let alone move large boulders…part of the problem is that the area is made up of small plots…if mine is any example the plots are often investments which are not regularly used…public meeting recently though hopefully more communal action is planned.

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Nothing is ever simple is it?

I looked into getting a boulder delivered about ten years ago (don’t get mad, get even). The stone itself is cheap, it’s the haulage. If someone in the group knows someone maybe?

Failing that, you have the option of hiring someone to tip (oh the irony) or even possibly approaching the council to help with logistics if you guys provide the materials?

Mini digger is also a possibility. I’m sure people will be will to share the cost if they get a go. Trucks and trunchea don’t mix. You guys could be doing a drainage project…

Fly Tipping: Britain’s Rubbish Problem | ITV1 | 8:30pm Re: Hoad’s Wood

Our campaign director has got Mr.Packham involved now too.


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Kent County Council has seemingly eased up on plans to close five dumps in the county, due to lots of push-back. It’s unlikely the idea has been abandoned altogether. None of these are in the vicinity of Hoads Wood though there are several private contractors with a presence in vicinity of Bethersden

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This needs rolling out everywhere.

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