Ho-hum. Another flurry of morning bulletinettes on BBC R3 with no mention of the scamdemic

Definitely seems to be approaching its sell-by date. And climate shift - clearly - isn’t going to raise even the initial stampeding alarm that the covi-scam caused at first. Lots of pushing in the ‘news’; but no apparent interest amongst most of us, beyond mildly scornful amusement at the Glasgow Learjet-and-armoured-limo laden insincerity-clown show (with added dozing-Biden)… :roll_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe this is why? A comparison from the Ron Paul Institute of Coroni cases in Ireland (90 plus % of adults jabbed) and Alabama (44% jabbed). Ireland, Coroni “cases” on exponential rise, Alabama, Coroni “cases” on exponential decline! Only 2 minutes of video.

Who would have thunk it (no pun intended)?