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Hamas prisoner leaves hosts a handwritten letter in Hebrew before release

hearts and minds are changing…

To the generals that accompanied me in the last weeks, it would seem as though we are parting ways tomorrow, however I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unbelievable humanity you showed towards my daughter Emilia

You were like fathers to her, you invited her into your rooms anytime she wished.

She admits to feeling that you are all now her friends, and not only friends, but loved ones.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the many hours where you were like parents to her.

Thank you for being so patient with her and for showering her with sweets and fruit and everything you had even if it was not widely available.

Children should not be imprisoned, but thanks to you and thanks to the many other kind people we met along the way, my daughter felt like a queen in Gaza.

And in general she admits she felt like she was at the center of the world.

We did not meet a single person in our long journey from the generals to the leadership that was not gentle, affectionate and loving with her.

I will forever be indebted in gratitude that she did not leave here with permanent trauma.

I will speak of your kind demeanor that you displayed despite the difficult circumstances and loss that you were dealing with yourselves here in Gaza.

I hope that, in this world, we are able to someday be true good friends. I wish you all health and strength.

Good health and love to you and your families.

Thank you very much.

Danielle and Emilia



Fantastic post @admin . Perhaps contrast that and the early release of an elderly Israeli who shook hands with her captor as she was released, with the many, many reports by released Palestinian prisoners or harassment and abuse up to the very last minute and even one 18 year old (if my memory serves me well) prisoner who was stopped from release at the last minute and taken back to prison. Just a few examples below.