Guest Sermon - How to Stay Positive in Abruptly Disturbing Times 09-05-21

A gentle and loving look at our current situation.

For one reason or another I’ve been thinking about death recently, and I found some of what Dowd had to say here about the gifts of death interesting.

Hope this resonates with some of you.

Peace and love in these very difficult times



No one ever said the truth would be pleasant…

A.Dhammanando covered some similar ground, at about twice the length, last weekend

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Wonderful stuff, P!! I hope it’s a comfort to you in your bitter travail. Be assured, good brother, all manner of things will be well.

As you know, my tutelary goddess here on the sacred Earth is Mam Gaia, and beyond her the god whose daughter she is: Big Mind, the foundation of all being; that which Tom Campbell calls ‘The Larger Consciousness System’. This faith also, of course, takes the sting-aling-aling out of death, since it mandates the immortality of our innermost selves: our immortal souls; undetached parts of Big Mind always.

But more than that, it infuses a sense of ultimate serenity, since we know things will go on: our selves, all the other souls whom we love, the living Earth, currently experiencing one of her brief tactical retreats, but by no manner of means moribund, not this “tough bitch”; not till “…the Sun breaks down…” (Dylan Thomas - ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’), and not the ultimate end even then, since Big Mind’s brilliant holodeck, this universe, will continue and will still offer further living spaces for our immortal souls even after Mam dies.

Weird, isn’t it, that we have to resort to this ultra-long, ultra-large view to find comfort in these parlous times, this ‘little local difficulty’ here on Earth? But it works. Be comforted. And take the pastor’s excellent advice about how to live to counter the despair. Be assured: it works!! :grinning:

PS to Karen: Not viewed your vid yet. It may provoke another comment when I have.


I’d recommend skim thru. I watched it live and winced quite a bit, but some good points made by a speaker who was new to me.

Picking up the point about impermanence, I was a kid who had Look And Learn delivered every week and it was there that I first came up against the idea that, actually, there are grand cycles, none of them looping for ever. It’s not a pleasant realisation but one to try and recollect frequently. As advised in Upajjhatthana Sutta.