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'Green' hydrogen: Any sound information?

I think I’m running up against that search-engine corruption, which only lets you see selections that the PTsB want you to see; and suppresses the ones they don’t like.

With this in mind, I want to ask whether anyone has found information that actually feels both realistic AND impartial on the subject. (PLEASE note the two italicised qualifiers! Not looking for either puff-pieces or dumkopf hit-pieces; just realistic facts.)


I can only add that I’ve never come up against this one before.

I suppose that the Hindenburg disaster could be counted as ‘green hydrogen’.

I’m always suspicious of anything that uses the terms ‘green’ and ‘smart’.


Me too. Especially, because in my (c.1950) British English lexicon, ‘smart’ means clean, tidy and well-turned-out. And to smart means to sting, of course.